Kaya: We'll continue our march despite all pressure and obstacles

MED TUHAD-FED co-chair Emine Kaya said: “We will continue our march despite all the pressure and obstacles. No matter how much they want to prevent it, we are moving forward determinedly."

The 'Great Freedom March', which is taking place in the cities of Kurdistan with the demand to end the absolute isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and ensure his physical freedom for the democratic solution to the Kurdish question, continues.

Emine Kaya, co-chair of the MED Federation of Legal and Solidarity Associations of Prisoners’ Families (MED TUHAD-FED), which is in the Van branch of the march that will continue until 15 February, talked to ANF about the action.

Our struggle will continue

Emphasizing that isolation is a crime against humanity, Kaya said: "There is an isolation policy that has spread to the Kurdish and Middle Eastern peoples. There is a war being waged by the government in Kurdistan. This march continues with determination. Although there are some obstacles, we will finish our march on the date we have planned to. Our struggle will continue until the absolute isolation is broken."

We will not give up

Kaya added: "The freedom of Öcalan is the main goal and demand of our march. We will bring this action to a conclusion together with our people. Today, the current government is implementing a policy of isolation. To counter this, we started this march, and we named it 'Great Freedom March'. There is great support from people. Our march is greeted with enthusiasm and joy everywhere. Those who try to prevent it should know that we, together with our people, will not give up on this just and legitimate demand."

Let's build an honorable life together

Kaya said: "We continue our march despite all the pressure and obstacles. No matter how much they try to prevent it, we will go on. We must all support this historical resistance. The issue of isolation is not only for our friends on hunger strikes in prisons. And it is not the problem of our mothers who are on Justice Vigil. Isolation is a problem for all of us. Everyone should take part in this struggle in the best way they can. Our women, in particular, need to lead this struggle, because we, the women, suffer the greatest damage from war. In this historical process, we have a great responsibility. We expect all oppressed peoples in the Middle East to support the march. Let's put an end to this oppression and build an honorable life together."

It’s time to struggle

Kaya said: "This march is also the march of the people resisting fascism. Today, there are hunger strikes in prisons. Prisoners are resisting within four walls. People are paying the price for lawlessness. The biggest price is paid by the Kurdish people, as always. Now it’s time for everyone to take responsibility and take action. It’s time to struggle, it’s time to be united. Let us all be united, let us get together. We will resist until this struggle, which is legitimate and right, yields results."