KCK 12 September statement: Common struggle is the solution

The KCK has issued a written statement to mark the 38th anniversary of the 12 September 1980 military coup stressing that the solution lies in the common struggle of the peoples

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement on the anniversary of the September 12, 1980 and stressed the need for a joint struggle.

The KCK statement said, “It has been 38 years since the coup of September 12, 1980. We condemn the mind behind the coup and its practices once again, and remember with gratitude and respect those who fell martyr and those who got wounded in the resistance against this fascism.

We remember the revolutionaries, workers, intellectuals and all peoples, who were tortured by the hundreds of thousands and imprisoned by the tens of thousands once again. We stress our faith that their pain and their struggle will be crowned with a democratic Turkey, free Kurdistan and democratic Middle East.”


The statement said the September 12 fascist coup went down in history as a coup implemented by fascist generals backed by NATO, the monopolist bourgeoisie and the groups that wished for a Kurdish genocide.

KCK said, “The goal of this coup was to suppress the fight for freedom and democracy by the peoples of Turkey, workers and the Kurdish people, to reopen the peoples of Turkey to be exploited by the bourgeoisie, and to build a system where Kurds would be subjected to a genocide.

To this end, Kurdistan was re-invaded through and through and turned into an open prison where oppression and tyranny peaked. A violent oppression was set loose upon revolutioaries and the working classes in Turkey. Turkish and Kurdish revolutionaries, as well as revolutionaries from other peoples, were thrown into dungeons and tortured for years.

The coup aimed to implement institutional fascism where Turkey’s socialists and revolutionaries and the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom would not be able to stand up again for 50 years.”