KCK call for Bashur and the KDP: Take a stand against invasion

KCK issued a written statement about the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan and called on the KDP and Southern Kurdistan (Bashur) forces to take a stand against these attacks.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Foreign Relations Committee said, “The struggles of the peoples of Kurdistan in four parts are interconnected, and feed each other. These struggles are both the reason d’etre of all organizations and gives strength to them.”

KCK Foreign Relations Committee stated that the Turkish state is attacking the Kurdish people with all the strength the AKP-MHP fascist alliance and continued: “The genocidal attacks of the past in Cizre, Nusaybin, Sur, Şırnak and later in Afrin were developed with this goal in mind. The AKP-MHP alliance has now launched an invasion attack against Southern Kurdistan as part of this goal. The AKP-MHP alliance says they ‘target the PKK, not the Kurds’, but this doesn’t mean anything other than the ugly rhetoric of colonialism. The PKK is a movement that has manifested through the children of the Kurdish people in all four parts. The Kurdish people has achieved its will with political and social institutions that represent it in all parts, starting with the PKK. So, attacks against movements that represent the Kurds’ will for freedom, whatever part they may be from, whatever they may be called, are in essence attacks against the Kurdish people. No colonialist rhetoric can cover that fact up.


Our people in Southern Kurdistan and their political parties, NGOs and social institutions are taking stands against Turkish state invasionism, aware of this fact. Most political parties and NGOs have issued statements declaring where they stand, and people have put their stance forth through demonstrations. But the ones who should display the harshest stand the soonest, the Southern Kurdistani government, has failed to do so. On the contrary, they have attempted to legitimize the current attacks and the invasion through certain statements made in their name.

The statement on this issue by KDP Politbureau member Sefîn Dizeyî is concerning and noteworthy. Sefîn Dizeyî said, ‘The Turkish state is attacking Southern Kurdistan because of the PKK, that is why the PKK should leave Southern Kurdistan.’ Above all, this statement is an attempt to legitimize the invasion attacks against Southern Kurdistan, to make them look cute and to cover up the relationship with Turkey on this matter. Bringing the warmongering CNN Turk television to Southern Kurdistan and allowing them to gather material for special war propaganda, and setting up a feast for invaders in the Bermizê village are part of these efforts. Those who told the PKK to leave the South, leave Shengal for years have never said, ‘The Turkish state is an invader, they must leave Southern Kurdistan territory at once’ - which is very telling. This attitude made concrete in the person of Sefîn Dizeyî is an insult to the history of struggle and the values of Kurdish people in all four parts of Kurdistan, both as a mindset and as politics. This statement holds the people who resist and the organization responsible for the damage these attacks have caused, not the enemy. According to this mindset, if the people of Southern Kurdistan didn’t resist for their rights and freedoms, there would be no Anfal or Halabja. But those who think like this must know that if the peoples of Kurdistan didn’t resist during Anfal, Halabja and Raperin, and if they didn’t pay the price for it, those people wouldn’t exist either.


All must know very well that the struggles of the peoples of Kurdistan in four parts are interconnected, and feed each other. These struggles are both the reason d’etre of all organizations and gives strength to them. Whereas it is clear as day that the fascist AKP-MHP coalition is an enemy to all Kurds and the very existence of the Kurd. Our people in Southern Kurdistan and their political parties were the ones who saw this fact best during the ‘referendum’ process in Southern Kurdistan. For this reason, we are calling on the Southern Kurdistan government and the KDP to declare their stand towards colonialism and the invasion. Our people expect this stand to be against invasion and for resistance.

There is no doubt that the many political parties that represent the will of the Southern Kurdistan people, NGOs, women’s and youth organizations and our people have put forth their stances against the invasion. We consider their stances to be of the utmost importance and we salute them. But at this point we are all at, it is clear that there is a need to put forth stands and actions that surpass mere declarations of intent. That is why we are calling on all political and societal forces to hone their stances, and increase their actions. On this basis, we declare our resolve to increase the resistance with our people and our allies against any and all invasion attacks, and salute our people with respect.”