KCK calls on everyone to raise the intensity of resistance against occupation

The KCK called on everyone to raise the intensity of resistance against Turkish occupation.

The Co-Presidency of the KCK Executive Council issued a statement calling on everyone to "raise the intensity of resistance against Turkish occupation."

The statement said: "The Turkish state continues to escalate its invasion attacks on southern Kurdistan. For this objective, extensive military shipments are being made. The KDP has authorized the use of official highways by the invading Turkish army and has completely surrendered control of the areas where the Turkish army is stationed. So much so that the invading Turkish army has set up checkpoints in the areas where it is present. This demonstrates that the Turkish state is steadily taking over the administration in southern Kurdistan as it expands its invasion.

It is understood from the extensive deployment of troops and transportation of ammunition and armored vehicles via official roads, that an agreement has been reached in this regard. Until now, the invasion attacks were carried out by the Turkish state with the implicit support of the KDP despite the Iraqi state. Now, the Iraqi government also approves these invasion attacks, while the KDP openly supports the occupation. We want to draw attention to this new and dangerous situation, issue a warning, and appeal to the sensitivity of our people and democratic peoples."

The statement continued: "The murderous imperialist Turkish state, faltering in the face of our resistance as a movement and people, is attempting to include other forces into its notion of genocide and extermination. One of these forces is Iraq’s government. Given that the KDP’s support was insufficient, particularly in light of the occupation of southern Kurdistan, the Turkish state attempted to drag the Iraqi state into the conflict. The Turkish state decided to do so, especially after the heavy losses it suffered against the guerrillas in the fall and winter of 2023.

The visit of the fascist chief, Tayyip Erdoğan, to Iraq in April was for this purpose. Unfortunately, the Iraqi government did not take a strong stance against the impositions of the Turkish state and was included in the occupation and genocide policies with the agreements it made. There is no other explanation, given that our movement has always been in friendship and solidarity with the Iraqi people and state; how else can one explain the Iraqi government designating us a banned organization?"

The statement added: "Claims by the Iraqi government that agreements were only reached on the grounds of economy, are untrue. During the time, we made our opinion known. We warned, on numerous occasions, that dangerous plans were being made around the Iraqi government and had warned all relevant players. Now we see, step by step, that these plans are being implemented. The new invasion attacks on southern Kurdistan reveal that deals are being reached on the basis of genocide against our people.

We recognize that not everyone within the Iraqi government agrees with the corrupt deals reached with Turkish authorities. Many Iraqi nationalists and democratic forces believe that the links created with the Turkish state are detrimental to the country’s interests and, thus, oppose them. Nonetheless, the Iraqi state is progressively being sucked into a notion formed by the current government against our people and movement, and there is no significant opposition to this. This poses a serious threat to Iraq.

Stronger political positions must be taken to end these relations, which are definitely not in the interest of Iraq. The increased attacks on southern Kurdistan demonstrate this. All Iraqis must recognize this truth. Iraqi intellectuals, in particular, should take a stance and warn Iraqi society about such practices that destroy the spirit of fraternity among peoples."

The KCK said: "The Turkish government promotes nationalist, racist, and expansionist goals. It has an anti-Kurdish mentality, and its principal purpose is to achieve the genocide of the Kurds. The ruling AKP-MHP administration is notorious for cultivating nationalist, racist, and fascist sentiments. It has no other policy but to achieve its expansionist objectives. As a result, its economic and political commitments to the Iraqi government are completely unrealistic.

It is dangerous to become opponents of the PKK and the Kurdish people in the face of such danger, and to collaborate in this hostility in exchange for certain promises. Those who are aware of the situation in Iraq must now take a firm stance against it and prevent the Iraqi state from going down this detrimental path. The AKP-MHP administration and its fascist leader, Tayyip Erdoğan, are functioning in an occupying, expansionist, neo-Ottomanist manner. They aim to occupy the borders of Misak-ı Milli, a nationalist and racist ambition. To achieve this purpose, they are attempting to escalate the war, provoke people against one another, and pollute the atmosphere. The fascist architect of this campaign, Devlet Bahceli, has openly said that their goal is to seize Mosul, Kirkuk, Aleppo, the Mediterranean, and Thessaloniki.

This exact concept is the reason why our movement was recently accused of being responsible for a number of tragic events in Iraq. By blaming our movement for attacks organized by Turkish intelligence and the KDP, the KDP hopes to justify its own treachery and subjugation. As a result, these are both false accusations and dangerous plans."

The KCK underlined that "our movement’s attitude and efforts to defend southern Kurdistan and Iraq from ISIS atrocities is known. As a result, our movement and the Kurdistan freedom struggle are highly valued not only by the Kurdish people but also by Iraqi society. The positive attitude of Iraqi society toward the guerilla and our movement makes it hard to carry out such treacherous schemes attempting to defame the liberation struggle in the eyes of southern Kurdistan’s people and Iraqi society. With such schemes, the attempt is to lay the groundwork for future treachery and occupation. Intellectuals, democratic people, and institutions in Kurdistan and Iraq should be concerned about these scenarios. This dirty strategy devised by the KDP and MIT, in which the Iraqi government also participates, must be disclosed, society informed, and disinformation prevented."

The statement also underlined that "the KDP has proven that it is a party to the Kurdish genocide by openly supporting the invasion attacks of the Turkish state. It has proved that it has no national concerns or sensitivities and that it acts entirely for the sake of its family and narrow power interests. Unfortunately, the KDP is not only supporting the occupation of Kurdistan but also engaging in political and diplomatic activities for the success of the Turkish state’s concept based on Kurdish genocide. This is a regrettable and dangerous situation. A strong and clear national stance is needed against this. The Kurdish people and all organizations, parties, and institutions in Kurdistan must take a strong and clear national stance. Again, Kurdish intellectuals must develop the strongest attitude against this dangerous situation. It is the duty of Kurdish intellectuals, artists, and writers to warn, enlighten, and mobilize the people against these dangers."

The statement continued: "The guerrillas are putting up great resistance against the occupation and genocide. We celebrate this great and meaningful resistance of the guerrillas and once again commemorate with great respect all the comrades who were martyred. Their resistance is the defense of Kurdistan as well as the defense of our peoples’ hopes for a democratic and free common life. The target of the enemy is not only the guerrillas and the PKK, but also southern Kurdistan and the free future of our peoples. The gains of the Kurdish people and all Kurdish achievements are the targets of all attacks. In this respect, all national, patriotic, and democratic institutions must have a clear and strong attitude, like the guerrillas against the occupation, genocide attacks, and collaborators. With such an attitude, our people and patriotic and democratic institutions can repel the invasion and genocide attacks and protect the achievements of the people of Kurdistan. It is of great significance to understand this. This is not a conflict between Kurds or a conflict between Kurdish organizations seeing as the KDP has clearly become part of the politics based on Kurdish genocide. It is important for everyone to see this reality and have the right approach accordingly.

The increasing occupation attacks against southern Kurdistan are indicative of a dangerous situation. We call on everyone to be sensitive to this dangerous situation and to develop a strong attitude against occupation, betrayal, and genocide. This attitude must be demonstrated everywhere, particularly in southern Kurdistan and Iraq. Our people in the four parts of Kurdistan must develop a strong attitude against occupation, and our people abroad should also express their reaction and attitude strongly against the occupation of southern Kurdistan. The process we are in is the process of developing an all-out resistance everywhere against total genocide attacks. We call on our people to raise an all-out resistance wherever they are."