KCK condemned Iran attacks, expressed condolences to families

The KCK Executive Council co-chairmanship condemned Iran's execution of Kurdish activists and attacks on Koyê.

The KCK Executive Council co-chairmanship condemned Iran's execution of Kurdish activists and attacks on Koyê, while at the same time expressing condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and to the people of Kurdistan.

The KCK Executive Council strongly condemned the Iranian state execution of three Kurdish political prisoners and the killing of many East Kurdistan peshmerga and Kurdish politicians as a result of the attack on Koy Sancak.

The KCK Executive Council urged the Iranian state to give up such attacks. 

“We want to express the families of the martyrs and the people of Kurdistan our deepest condolences”, said the statement. 

The KCK statement continued as follows:

“In Iran lives an important Kurdish population. However, the Kurds can not use the rights of every people in the world in Iran. Kurds do not have self-governance on the basis of freedom of identity, language and culture. This creates an ongoing problem, strife and conflict between the Iranian state and the Kurdish people. If the Kurdish problem is not solved, it is not possible to end the conflicts. Thinking that this problem will be eliminated with execution, repression and attacks will not give any result except to further aggravate the problems that Iran is experiencing”.

The statement added: “We have always stressed that the problems of Iranian history, political tradition and experience can be solved when Islam is treated with an approach that recognizes the existence and freedom of differences. Kurds will have a free and democratic life if the historical natural federation of Iranian by acquiring autonomy and self-governance on the basis of democratic values. However, its current regime adopts a policy contrary to Iran's history, social and cultural tradition”.

The statement also said: “The Iranian state aggravates the problems between the Kurdish people and the Iranian state by executing Kurdish young people and carrying out political assassinations with missile attacks. It makes it difficult to solve the Kurdish problems on the basis of democratic consensus with the Iranian state. The Kurdish question can be solved by taking steps that assure the existence of the Kurdish people and fundamental democratic rights in the constitutional and legal framework. This is where the possibility of any kind of internal problems and external intervention is removed”.

The KCK called “on the Iranian state to end these methods. If Iran takes a step further towards a political solution, we emphasize again that we will encourage the Kurdish people, political forces and democratic circles to solve this problem. Because it is not possible to suppress Kurdish rights claims and freedom struggle through classical warfare and oppressive methods, collaborators and agents”.

Condolences to the families

The KCK ended its remarks by expressing its condolences to the families of “the martyrs and to the whole people of Kurdistan”.