KCK denies reports on alleged arrest of PKK members

The KCK has denied reports by KDP media that several PKK members who are alleged to have planned attacks have been arrested, saying that such allegations are usually made to legitimize future attacks on the Kurdish movement.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) has denied reports in the KDP media that the arrest of several PKK members has brought "plans for attacks" to a halt. In a statement issued on Monday, the KCK stated that South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP usually resorts to the dissemination of untrue factual allegations in order to legitimize future attacks by the Turkish state on the Kurdish liberation movement. No members of the Kurdish Workers Party were arrested by the KDP security, the statement underlined.

Most recently, after the fatal assassination of Gazi Salih Alihan, the director of Asayish (public security) at the customs office at the Serzêrê border crossing on October 8, the press and security forces of the Barzani Party accused the guerrillas of being responsible for the incident. The People's Defense Forces (HPG) clearly condemned the attack and denied any involvement.

"The Kurdish public has not forgotten who defended the people and the regions of Bashur (Southern Kurdistan) and who fled when the henchmen of the ISIS overran Southern Kurdistan," the statement said with reference to the KDP Peshmerga’s flight without a fight from Shengal (Sinjar) on the morning of the genocide on the Yazidis on August 3, 2014.

"For our movement that leads the liberation struggle of the Kurdish people, it is a national and moral duty to defend, protect and ensure the safety of our people. Hundreds of our companions have fallen in the defense of the people of Bashur from Shengal to Hewlêr. Our immortal commanders Zeki Şengali, Egîd Civyan and Tekoşer Gever are also among those who have fallen in this struggle."

KCK pointed out that the Kurdish movement regards the stability of Southern Kurdistan as a central task and has at no time endangered the security of the autonomous region or the population, which is proven by the fact that numerous fighters have fallen as martyrs for this cause.

“The Turkish state and the KDP are solely responsible for the unstable situation in the region. Due to the joint plans of both forces, bombs and artillery are hailing almost daily on the mountains of Kurdistan. Just like the Erdoğan regime, the KDP also tries to put pressure on and deter journalists, teachers, activists and all other members of the opposition through kidnappings, arrests and repression. In this way, it endangers the security of citizens.”