KCK: Destruction of graves pursues a political goal

The destruction of guerrilla graves has not sadistic but political motives: to make the Kurds renounce their language, culture and freedom, which are their fundamental rights, says KCK.

The Executive Council Presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement on the attacks of the Turkish state on cemeteries in Kurdistan and the mutilation of guerrilla corpses.

The KCK statement includes the following:

Respect for the dead

Respect for the dead is one of the fundamental values of humanity and is violated by the Turkish state in a brutal and despicable way. There are two forces in the world that act in this way: The Turkish state and DAESH (ISIS). In this respect they are brothers in spirit. Turkey is also the only country in the world that has supported DAESH and is pursuing common political goals with it.

While DAESH is acting in the name of religion in this inhuman action, the fascist AKP/MHP government is acting in the name of Turkishness and nationalism. It has polished up its nationalism with religious lacquer and has become an outstanding despotism. There are other despotic and fascist governments in the world, but none of them resorts to the methods of the AKP/MHP bloc. These governments use violence and repression to stay in power. However, in the case of the Turkish state, there is also the fact that it wants to annihilate the Kurds, reaching an inhuman level which does not exist anywhere else. Nowhere else in the world is there a government, a political power or a state that aims to deny a people and make them disappear by physical or cultural annihilation. The Turkish state, which committed genocide against the Armenians and Syriacs at the beginning of the 20th century, now wants to commit a genocide against the Kurds.

Attack on cemeteries is aimed for an extermination of Kurds

The current colonialist government bombs cemeteries, takes corpses out of the graves, destroys graves again and again and turns them into ruins. It desecrates guerrilla corpses and makes them unrecognizable with weapons, stones or other tools. This procedure characterizes the will to wipe the Kurds out. Kurds who live as Kurds and fight for their identity are not tolerated. The fact that the graves of Şêx Said and Seyit Riza are still kept secret is in line with the same mindset as today's desecrations of corpses and destruction of cemeteries.

These attacks are not only aimed at the dead in the graves, but at the entire Kurdish people. It is an attack against the Kurdish existence, an attack against the Kurdish will for freedom and struggle. There is no other way to explain the desecration of graves and corpses. It has not sadistic but political motives: to make the Kurds renounce their language, culture and freedom, which are their fundamental rights.

In the 1970s, the Turkish state thought it had buried all the Kurds and Kurdistan. They said the dream of Kurdistan had been buried. Abdullah Öcalan is being attacked because he organised the PKK, started a guerrilla fight and thus proved that the Kurds are not buried. They want to bury him alive in solitary confinement. By denying graves for guerrillas, they want to bury the Kurdish existence in history. The desecration of guerrilla bodies and the destruction of cemeteries is a genocidal policy. All those who call themselves Kurds should see this and take a stand against it.

All peoples of Turkey should take a stand

The current wave of attacks helps us get to know better the extent of the Kurdish hostility. It increases our anger and shows us what our task is. The attacked martyrs call the young Kurds even louder to fight. These attacks must become an occasion for our people to organise themselves better and enhance the fight for freedom and democracy. If the enemy wants to break our will and to force us to give up our Kurdish identity and a free life, we must remember our identity even more and fight for freedom with even more determination. The best response to the attacks is to step up the fight for a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey and to dispose of the genocidal colonialists in the waste bin of history. All democratic forces should show their friendship by supporting the struggle of the Kurdish people.