KCK Health Committee calls on everyone to act against Turkish war crimes

The KCK Health Committee called on everyone to raise their voices and take action against the crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by Turkey as a result of the use of chemical weapons.

In its written statement, the KCK Health Committee said: “The Turkish army has been using chemical weapons against the freedom guerrillas for years. The reactions and statements made after the sharing of images proving this, after the death of 17 freedom guerrillas, express a conscience. This is the most basic criterion and virtue of being human.

It is the biggest crime against humanity and war committed from the perspective and instruction of the Turkish army and its chief commander, the fascist Erdoğan. The statements of TBB President Şebnem Korur Fincancı, who is one of the hundreds of conscientious people who spoke out against these crimes, are meaningful and valuable.

Mrs. Şebnem Fincancı said ‘these chemical gases used directly affect the nervous system, and that these gases are used in conflicts even though they are prohibited. She underlined that international conventions are mandatory for an independent committee to conduct an investigation in the region and that international conventions must be implemented. Her statement that the principles of the Minnesota Protocol should be addressed, as well as how to conduct an investigation when such a claim arises under the Geneva convention, which prohibits the use of chemical weapons, is true. It is unacceptable that the Erdoğan government and its acolytes, who want to cover up this truth, decide and start an investigation in order to suppress and silence this voice and conscience, and we condemn this decision.”

The statement continued: “Mrs. Fincancı is a world-renowned forensic medicine specialist and a respected scientist. She is a human rights defender who has been bravely shouting the truth for years. Mrs. Fincancı has always been on the side of life. And she has always pursued the truth and expressed scientific truths, which is her area of ​​expertise. Because of these statements, we believe that democrats and scientists, especially physicians and health workers, should show their reaction against being targeted by the fascist Erdoğan government and its acolytes. Mrs. Fincancı is the voice of our conscience and humanity. To take care of this voice and this conscience is to take care of our honour.

We call on everyone who has a conscience, who is on the side of life, to raise their voices and take action against this crime against humanity and crimes of war.”