KCK: Let's stand against genocidal attacks and increase struggle

The KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency issued a written statement on the Turkish state's invasion attacks.

The KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency statement said: “The genocidal colonialist fascist Turkish state has attacked Shengal, Maxmur and Medya Defense Areas using dozens of warplanes. As in 2014 when ISIS was attacking Kurdish people everywhere and did not succeed, today the Turkish state is not succeeding. These attacks once again show that the Turkish state is an enemy of the free and determined Kurd. For the genocidal colonial Turkish state, there is no distinction between the Shengal people who suffered ISIS genocide attacks, the refugees in Maxmur the HDP and the guerrillas. Every Kurd who wants a free and democratic life with his language, culture and identity is an enemy for Turkey. What Turkey wants is spreading Turkish nationalism all over Kurdistan through the genocide of the Kurds.”

The statement added: “These attacks carried out by the Turkish state fell under the genocide policy against Kurds. In this respect, every political force, environment and person who approves, supports and ignores these attacks is also a partner in this genocide. The coalition forces led by the USA and the Iraqi state are responsible for the airspace of the attacked areas. The fact that the Iraqi state, which is officially responsible in terms of international law, does not respond to these attacks shows that Iraq has also approved them. We can therefore assume that an agreement of interests has been reached on the back of the Kurds once again between Iraq and the Republic of Turkey.”

The statement continued: “The coalition forces led by the USA approve these attacks and become a partner in the Kurdish genocide. Turkey is a NATO member and has used its relationship within that to go ahead with the Kurdish genocide. These forces have also become partners of the genocide against the Kurds. Our people will not forget the politics of these forces, and these forces will be judged against the conscience and history of the peoples as states that have a share of responsibility in the Kurdish genocide. Being a partner in the genocide of an oppressed people like the Kurdish people does not favour those states, they will be punished not only humanly but also politically by their inhumane and non-humanitarian policies. The KDP and PUK are also responsible for these attacks. Maybe officially the airspace belongs to Iraqi and coalition forces. However, these attacks take place over the Kurdistan airspace and are carried out using the Kurdistan airspace. In this respect, they have the responsibility to oppose these attacks politically and morally. Their silence in these attacks makes them partners of these genocidal strikes.”

The statement ended with the following remarks: “It is clear that our people in 4 parts of Kurdistan oppose these genocide attacks and are very angry with these attacks. The Kurdish people must oppose the invasion and attacks of the Turkish state wherever they are. The attitude of the people, democratic institutions, youth and women of Başûrê Kurdistan is positive. When it develops, this attitude towards occupation and attack, will be the main factor in the prevention of these attacks. Not only Basûrê Kurdistan will force the political forces and the Iraqi state to review these attitudes, but it will also force the coalition forces that are partners of these genocide attacks.

It is a duty of the Kurdish people to organize everywhere. We call on all Kurds, their friends and democracy forces to stand up against these genocidal colonial attacks, to protect democracy and freedom forces, and to raise the struggle to overthrow reactionary, genocidal and despotic orders in the Middle East.”