KCK: Masrour Barzani legitimizes Turkish occupation

KCK Foreign Relations Committee said that they have nothing to do with the ongoing mass protests in Southern Kurdistan, ‘’Those who disseminate this propaganda are very consciously provoking the people against each other and serve to flare the tension."

The KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Foreign Affairs Committee made a statement responding to the remarks made yesterday by the South Kurdistan’s Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.

"Masrour ​​Barzani defamed the heroic resistance of the PKK against the Turkish invasion in Kurdistan. He never mentions the fascist Turkish state occupying a part of Southern Kurdistan territory, only to legitimize and ensure the continuation of the Turkish occupation", the statement said.

The statement continued:

‘’The KDP did not protect Yazidi people when ISIS attacked Shengal in 2014 and made a deal with the Iraqi government on 9 October which would jeopardize the Yazidi people.

The PKK movement, which helped the Yazidi people against ISIS attacks and saved them from the massacre, officially withdrew from Shengal in August 2018 after the Yazidis established their own autonomous government. The whole world confirmed PKK’s withdrawal. However, the KDP and the Turkish state have always criminalized and attacked the self-administration and self-defense of the people there by constantly making black propaganda.

The autonomy of the Shengal people is not against the laws of Kurdistan and Iraq. On the contrary, it will strengthen them.

We reiterate that the KDP should take sides with us against the Turkish occupation and that the problems should be addressed through a mutual dialogue and negotiations.

In the meantime, some media outlets close to the KDP have been trying to blame our movement for some of the violent incidents that occurred in the ongoing mass protests in South Kurdistan. The smear campaign against us paves the way for the Turkish state's policy of destabilizing South Kurdistan and causing internal conflict.

The MIT (Turkish intelligence service) has already been undertaking a serious work and provocative operations on that score. As a movement, we have always voiced legitimate demands of the people and the resolution of problems on the basis of democratic commitments. The burning of some party buildings and official institutions in recent events is unacceptable and only serves the enemies of the Kurds. Yet, we condemn the violence and armed attacks against demonstrators. The demands of the people are legitimate and must be resolved urgently through democratic means. On this occasion, we would like to emphasize once again that the demonstrators who use their right to protest should express their demands peacefully and democratically.’’