KCK's Bayık: Those who oppose the National Congress will lose

KCK Executive Council Co-chair Bayık called for the National Congress that will bring gains for Kurds and said that those stand against this will lose.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-chair Cemil Bayık spoke to Rojnews on the importance of National Congress of Kurds.

Bayık stated that if the Kurds fail to achieve unity in this period, they will miss a historic opportunity. He pointed out the importance of the National Congress and said, “Those who stand against the National Congress will lose.”

“Without Kurds, no politics, no new balances and no new status can be defined in the Middle East,” said Bayık and added: “If the Kurds lose one more time in this century, they will be subjected to massacres.”


Bayık stated that disruptions to the old balance in the Middle East is good for Kurds and said: “There is an intense war in the Middle East, and we consider this to be the World War III. The Middle East is the spine of the world. All issues stem from here and must be resolved here. The balance after World War I and II didn’t consider the Kurds and fragmented them. But the Kurds fought against this and resisted. The balance of World War I and II being disrupted is good for Kurds.”


Bayık also mentioned the Kurds’ fight against ISIS gangs and said: “The Kurds are fighting ISIS and are dealing great blows. As ISIS gangs are a threat to the whole world, not just the Kurds and the Middle East, all of humanity and all the world have seen the Kurds resisting this menace harder than anybody else, dealing blows, fighting for all of humanity and humanity’s values, and this has created a significant effect in the international area.”


Bayık spoke on the support given to the call for a national congress by Kurdish organizations and institutions and said: “The people want this. The parties, the institutions have this demand. Intellectuals, artists, writers want this. Some powers in the international level also want this. Taking everything into consideration, the National Congress should happen as soon as possible. PKK has always been responsible towards their national and historic duties and that is why we have called for a National Congress.”

Bayık said most of the parties responded positively to the call and continued: “Up to now, there are many positive responses and approaches. Throughout Kurdistan, there are few who haven’t responded to this call. And this is encouraging for putting the congress into practice. I believe everybody will stand behind their declarations. And I believe it won’t be limited to declarations and words, but the practical steps taken will be supported as well.”


Bayık stated that those who stand against a National Congress will lose, and all forces responded positively to this call so they won’t be embarrassed in the face of history and the people. Bayık also criticized some parties that were content with just declaring that they are in favor of the congress and said: “Some groups state that they are in favor of the congress to avoid reaction from the public. But when you look at their practice, their talk and their reality are different. This is most prominent in the South.”

Bayık stated that the conditions are right for a National Congress and said: “The conditions are right, and that is why the Kurds shouldn’t miss this chance. If the Kurds don’t take advantage of this opportunity, achieve unity and hold the congress, they will lose.”

He also said they made this call as the PKK and therefore they take responsibility for it, that the PKK wants to move past current hardships and obstructions and giving up due to obstacles isn’t part of the PKK philosophy.


KCK Co-chair Cemil Bayık concluded his words with: “Our request from all parties who have accepted to hold a congress that they don’t leave it at that, they don’t fool themselves or the people and fulfill the necessity of the people and history. I believe that members of parties that don’t support the National Congress also want the National Congress to be held. For that, everybody should stand behind their declarations.”