KCK: Shengal should be governed by its own people

KCK Diplomacy Committee denied Kurdistan Regional Government Spokesperson Sefin Dizayi's remarks that PKK guerrillas will leave Shengal.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Diplomacy Committee stressed that Shengal should be governed by Shengalis, and called attention to the importance of self-defense forces, saying: "It is already known how and why guerrillas rushed to Shengal. Guerrillas intervened the ISIS that attacked Shengal in order for a genocide of Êzidîs. They defended the Êzidî people against ISIS onslaught and helped them form self-governance and self-defense in order that they do not face with such attacks again. Guerrillas did not go to Shengal to establish dominance. They do not have such a purpose. In this respect, it is not a matter of discussion whether they will leave Shengal or not. Guerrillas are in Shengal to fulfill the mission given to them by history and human conscience. Once Êzidîs establish their self-defense and autonomous governance, the goal for which guerrillas intervened Shengal will have been realized. Therefore, discussing the leave of guerrillas from Shengal before this goal is fulfilled is like approaching the issue as if the 74th firman against Êzidîs did never take place."

KCK underlined that guerrillas did not bear a mindset and approach like seeking domination or competition with other forces, saying the followings regarding the future of Shengal:

"The presence of guerrillas in Shengal lessens already as Êzidîs form their self-defense forces. We believe the issue on the presence of guerrillas and peshmergas in Shengal will be resolved once Êzidîs, from all different political views and sects, come together, establish self-defense and become able to govern themselves. Our discussions with KDP's political delegation on this matter continue and these talks undoubtedly enable to find common grounds.

We have stated since the beginning that the discussions focusing on the presence of guerrillas in Shengal are not right. What matters to us is that Êzidîs attain self-defense and self-governance in order that they do not face another genocide attempt. By this way, Shengal will be governed by Shengalis and their defense will be managed within this scope. Once these are realized, the discussion on the presence of guerrillas will lose its meaning.

From this standpoint, Dizai's remarks that PKK will leave Shengal does not have a meaning by itself. What matters to us that the people of Shengal become able to govern and defend themselves. The Kurdish Freedom Movement will handle the presence of guerrillas in Shengal and the developments to follow on this basis."