KCK: The Turkish State is behind the attack on Maxmur

The KCK said  the Turkish state is behind the ISIS attack on the Maxmur camp and added: "The Turkish state is attacking Shengal, Kobanê and the Rojava Revolution like ISIS attacked them before."

The KCK Executive Council co-presidency issued a written statement regarding the ISIS attack against Maxmur Camp.

The KCK said: "ISIS attacked Maxmur camp in 2014. As it is known, Iraqi soldiers and peshmerga around Maxmur did not resist ISIS attack. It was the resistance of the guerrillas who ran to the aid of the camp and the people in the camp, who prevented ISIS from advancing towards Hewler. Later on, the HPG and YJASTAR guerrillas from the Medya Defense Zones made both Maxmur and Hewler safe by repelling ISIS. In the same period, guerrillas went to Kirkuk and repulsed the ISIS attacks with the peshmerga there."

The KCK statement added: "The resistance of the people of Maxmur has become a symbol like guerrillas preventing ISIS from carrying out a genocide in Shengal. In fact, ISIS wanted to take revenge on the people of Maxmur and the guerrillas who defeated it everywhere with this last attack."

The people of Maxmur, the statement continued, "has carried out most honorable resistance in human history. In Maxmur, the Free Kurd has become reality. It is the honor of the people of Botan who gave thousands of young people to the struggle for freedom. Every house in Maxmur has one or several martyrs. There is there what we can call martyrs' camp."

Turkish State seeks to disintegrate the camp

The statement underlined that because of "their stance, the people of Maxmur have been the target of the Turkish state. In particular, Turkey pursues a policy of putting pressure on the KDP, targeting the distribution of products to the camp. The Turkish state is behind this attack."

The KCK added: "ISIS wants to get the result of the attack by thinking that the camp is having difficulty with the embargo. The KDP embargo on Maxmur is an unacceptable tragic situation for the Kurdish people. All the people of Kurdistan are hurt by this policy implemented by the KDP.

Allowing some young people and workers to go out of the camps to the university has no meaning other than covering this embargo. Apart from this, the camp is under a siege and embargo as if it were under the siege of an enemy army. This encouraged ISIS to attack Maxmur camp."

Call for solidarity with Maxmur

The KCK added: "We call on all Kurdish people and political parties to be in solidarity and give people in Maxmur morale and resistance in the face of ISIS attacks. In response to these attacks carried out by the Turkish state, it is the duty of all humanity and democratic forces to support  the people of Maxmur."