KDP builds military positions for the Turkish army in guerrilla areas

South Kurdistan’s ruling party KDP is building not only roads for the Turkish army, but also military positions to facilitate the occupation of the region by Turkish troops.

South Kurdistan’s ruling party, KDP, is notorious for its collaboration with Turkish fascism. It lays ambushes, builds roads and now also positions for the Turkish army. ANF footage from 28 August from the Girê Amêdî and Girê Hekarî resistance areas in the Metîna region of Medya Defense Zones has already shown KDP units building a road for the Turkish army. The KDP and the Turkish troops are counting on the fact that the guerrillas want to avoid an inner-Kurdish civil war and have therefore not taken action against the KDP troops so far. However, the People's Defence Centre (HSM) warned the KDP against interfering in the strategic war for democracy. Despite widespread protests among the Kurdish public, however, the corrupt Barzani government continues its support.


Now, ANF has received video footage taken on 12 September in the vicinity of Amadiya. The images were recorded in the resistance areas around Girê Amêdî and Girê Hekarî above the town of Amadiya. The footage shows the road construction work that has been in progress since 27 August.

A source said: "We would like to point out another fact to you. It seems that the KDP has built this road into the guerrilla resistance areas in order to protect the Turkish state and its soldiers. It is already known that all these areas are controlled by the guerrillas. The guerrillas are resisting in these mountains, in this area. But the KDP forces continue to collaborate with the Turkish state. The KDP is building these roads and positions to defend the Turkish troops. And they are doing it with the help of Turkish soldiers. We see it every day with our eyes, and we want to show it to you with these photographs. Turkish soldiers have established themselves in visible places. We see that Turkish soldiers and KDP forces are building positions together. Because the Turkish army is stuck in the face of the guerrilla resistance and struggle. In Girê Sêdarê, Girê Amêdî, Girê Şehîd Pîrdoxan, Girê Hekarî and the command area, the guerrillas have been resisting the occupation by the Turkish state for more than four years. There is a fierce war going on here. But unfortunately, the forces of the KDP continue to practice betrayal and collaboration in order to achieve a breakthrough for the Turkish soldiers after all."


The position being built there is apparently for the Turkish army. The ANF source further said: "We also see that the KDP forces are transporting water, supplies and vehicles for the Turkish state every day. We see how the war is really being conducted and how the KDP is cooperating with the Turkish state. The Turkish state and the KDP forces are intertwined. Together they are building positions against the guerrillas. The guerrillas organise actions and fight every day against the troops that want to occupy Kurdistan. The Turkish state wants to overcome this blockade with the help of the KDP."