KDP deploys further troops and heavy weapons to guerrilla areas

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) continues to deploy troops and heavy weapons to the guerrilla areas. Footage shows that the KDP forces also establish outposts and positions.

Since June, the KDP's provocative attempts and attacks have been increasing. On June 5, mercenary special forces linked to the KDP launched an attack on an area where PKK guerrillas have been based for decades.

The KDP attack on the guerrilla positions in Metîna's Girê Çarçel and Girê Hakkari areas caused a provocation, and 5 fighters linked to the KDP were killed. The KDP released no statement over how the incident happened.

While KDP blamed the People's Defense Forces (HPG) guerrillas for the attack, HPG said in a statement that it did not carry out any attack against the KDP forces and demanded an independent committee to reveal the truth.

Although some delegations went to the scene for observations, no explanation has been given to the public for two months.

On July 24, KDP forces arrived the guerrilla points in the Girê Çarçel area with equipment and armoured vehicles, which led to a brief clash with guerrillas. The KDP hit the guerrilla areas and positions using heavy weapons, as a result of which a large-scale fire broke out in the Metîna region and continued for days.

It was reported that special forces linked to the KDP attacked HPG guerrillas in the Xelifan region on July 26, and that some were martyred or injured.

The HPG Press Centre made a statement on the morning of 29 July, saying that such an event might have taken place and that no contact had been made with the guerrilla unit there since July 26. It asked the KDP to release an accurate and reliable statement about the issue.

However, while the KDP is expected to explain what happened, recent reports say that the KDP forces were deploying troops with armoured vehicles in the Rênçbirax area in Zagros on the evening of July 29.

It is reported that the attempt of the KDP forces to create a new provocation against the guerrillas who had warned the KDP forces was prevented by the intervention of the local people.

Some comment that the KDP is openly paving the way for a conflict.

The KDP forces in the Metîna region are continuing to deploy heavy weapons and construction equipment to the area. Footage shows that the KDP forces establish outposts and positions especially in areas where there is no settlement.

Although KDP officials keep stating that they did not attack the guerrilla forces in Kurdistan and that they were constantly attacked, what happened in the area denies the KDP’s statements.