KDP's paramilitary forces persecute civilians

Positioned in the Garê area, armed forces of the KDP which are not affiliated with the Ministry of Peshmerga maltreat the civilians living in Nehle and Zêbarî regions.

The crackdown of KDP’s special armed forces on the people of the Nehle town in the Garê region continues.

Armed forces affiliated with the KDP, acting independently from the Peshmerge Ministry, seek to intimidate the people by increasing the pressure on local residents illegally. The armed force affiliated with the KDP, whose members remain uncertain, is kidnapping residents of the region.

According to the information received from the people living in the region, the so-called forces kidnap the local people in the region on the grounds that they "help the PKK", similar to the reasons of the invading Turkish state, and threaten them by saying, "Do not help the PKK, otherwise we will kidnap you again."

As it is known, the armed forces affiliated with the KDP came to the region on September 23 and held a meeting on behalf of Şimal Aga Mensûr Barzani with the headmen of Nehle on September 25.

At this meeting, those who sympathize with the Kurdistan Freedom Movement were threatened. KDP’s forces threatened patriotic wise people and patriotic tribes and kidnapped some.

The KDP forces force the people of Nehle to take a stand against the guerrilla and the Freedom Movement. To achieve this goal, a severe embargo has been imposed on the people living in Nehle.

At the KDP-affiliated checkpoints on Dudi and Baqirmanê road, the vehicles moving to Nehle are searched, and everyone, including mothers and children, are checked.

Especially people from the Assyrian community are warned about the basic necessities they buy from shops, bakeries and restaurants and receive threats such as "If you take them again, we will seize your vehicles”.