KHRO says 13 Kurds executed and 16 kolbars killed in Rojhilat in February

According to the February data published by the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization, 13 people were executed, more than 80 people were arrested and 16 kolbars were killed.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Organization (KHRO) announced the balance sheet of human rights violations in Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) for the month of February.

The statement said that 13 Kurdish citizens were executed, 82 people were arrested and 12 people were imprisoned in February. Noting that there were at least 5 children and 5 women among those arrested, the KHRO added that 3 women were sentenced to prison.

The statement said: “While 3 kolbars died in traffic accidents in February, 12 kolbars were injured and one was killed as a result of direct fire by the Iranian regime forces. In addition, at least 3 women and 5 men committed suicide last month, while 2 women were killed. Furthermore, 4 people lost their lives as a result of a mine explosion, while 4 people lost their lives as a result of the direct fire opened by the Iranian regime. One prisoner was killed because he was not given medical treatment.”