Kızıltepe co-mayors to stay in prison, ruled court

They also dismissed as ‘lies’ the testimonies given by secret witnesses.

Kızıltepe Municipality co-mayors, Ismail Asi and Leyla Salman, were not released from prison after the 10th hearing of their trial.

The court dismissed the request to free the co-mayors and other five people, arguing that the hearing of witnesses would not have an impact on the proceedings.

The co-mayors of Kızıltepe (Mardin Province) had been arrested on 2 December 2016 on charges of ’being a member of an illegal organization’.

Co-mayor Ismail Asi attended the hearing via SEGBIS (video system) from Izmir Şakran No. 2 Closed Prison.

Co-mayor Leyla Salman did not attend the hearing.

Lawyers for the defendants said they did not accept the review and that the indictment should be returned.

They also dismissed as ‘lies’ the testimonies given by secret women witnesses.

The lawyers said that there was no concrete evidence to sustain the charges brought against those on trial and asked for them to be acquitted.

The court however rejected the defence and demands of the lawyers and ruled for the defendants to remain in prison.

The court also postponed the trial to 1 February 2019.