KNK calls for national unity against occupation

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) 22nd General Assembly Interim Period meeting condemned the invasion attacks of the Turkish state against the guerrilla-controlled Metîna region and called for Kurdish unity against these attacks.

The interim meeting of the 22nd KNK General Assembly held in the Netherlands with the slogan "Tekoşîna Rizgarî û Azadiya Kurdistanê de rêya serkeftinê yekitî ye" (The way to victory in Kurdistan's struggle for freedom and liberation is unity) continues on the second day with the participation of delegates, representatives of political parties, writers and intellectuals, representatives of institutions.

During the meeting, a statement was made by the council about the invasion attack launched by the Turkish state this morning on the Metîna region in the Medya Defence Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

While the invasion attacks of the Turkish state against Kurdistan were condemned, a call was made for Kurdish political parties and movements to resist these attacks together.

The meeting continued with the reading of the annual activity report, after which KNK Co-Chairs Zeynep Murad and Ahmet Karamus took the floor and made speeches.

The KDP is an obstacle to unity

Karamus, informing about the political activities carried out in the name of unity among Kurds on the 100th anniversary of Lausanne, said that the KDP constitutes a major obstacle to Kurdish unity.

Speaking about the initiatives made by the KNK with the KDP in South Kurdistan, Karamus said, "As a KNK delegation, we wanted to meet Masoud Barzani. We requested an appointment. We waited in Hewlêr (Erbil) for a week as a delegation. They did not respond to our request. Then we wanted to meet with Nechirvan Barzani, but he did not respond to our request either. Our requests for meetings within the scope of our national unity efforts do not result in a positive outcome. We do not have any expectations and demands regarding the ENKS. The position of the ENKS is very clear. It is obvious that ENKS operates completely under the control of the Turkish state and intelligence. For this reason, we have no expectations from them in the work for national unity."

Speaking after Karamus, Co-Chair Zeyneb Murad also presented information about the unity activities carried out in South Kurdistan. Criticising the KDP's attitude, Zeyneb Murad underlined that unity is the only way for Kurds to protect their gains and achieve their democratic rights and freedoms in the new century.

After the speeches of the co-chairs, the meeting continued with discussions on the current work of the KNK and its future work.