KNK’s Berwarî: Defending Turkey’s bases won’t serve the KDP

KNK's Berwarî stated that the Turkish state’s military bases are defended by KDP peshmergas and that the bases are constructed under their supervision, and stressed that this approach by the KDP is threatening the Kurdish people and Kurdistan's future.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Executive Council Member Kamûran Berwarî spoke about the Kurdistan National Congress, attacks against Kurdistan and the international silence for the attacks, and said: “The invading Turkish state’s military bases in Southern Kurdistan is built under supervision of the KDP peshmergas and the Turkish bases are defended by the peshmergas.”

On the invading Turkish state’s attacks, Kamûran Berwarî said: “Since 1991, the invading Turkish state has been trampling all international treaties and all morals for life. These attacks target the gains of the Kurdish people and want to strengthen the basis of the invasion. Because the Turkish state is fundamentally against the existence of Kurds and Kurdistan.”


Berwarî said the Turkish army was stationed in Southern Kurdistan territory without the consent of the people of the region, and that it happened on the demand of the Iraqi government: “The Iraqi government and parliament are responsbile for the civilian deaths in the region. Through silence, the Iraqi government also shows that it approves of the damage to the nature and the pillaging. This silence is concerning because the pillaging is a national and humanitarian matter.”

Berwarî continued: “The Turkish bases in Southern Kurdistan are built under supervision of the KDP peshmergas and these bases are protected by the peshmergas. This approach by the KDP is dangerous for the Kurdish people and the future of Kurdistan in the Middle East. KDP will make no gains like this.”

Berwarî said the Turkish state is hostile against the Kurdish people and Kurdistan, and continued: “The Turkish state’s animosity against Kurds has nothing to do with the PKK. This is an excuse the Turkish state uses, and now they are building bases in Southern Kurdistan, claiming that the PKK has settled here. This is an excuse far removed from the truth. They are using this excuse to deceive people and to strengthen their basis for invasion in Southern Kurdistan.”


On the US decision against murat Karayilan, Cemil Bayik and Duran Kalkan, Kamûran Berwarî said: “The US decision against the 3 Kurdish revolutionaries is nonsensical, and doesn’t serve the US. It also means creating a foundation for terrorist forces to expand and grow. The goal there is to destroy the free and willful Kurds, and their will. The Kurdish people and the peoples of Kurdistan are protesting this decision. The invading Turkish state is attacking all four parts of Kurdistan. The US has a duty to stand against the Turkish state attacks and to put forth a stance. The Kurdish people are fighting oppression. The US should be supporting the Kurdish people and not empower the anti-Kurdish groups.”

On the importance of holding a National Congress, Berwarî said: “Holding a Kurdish National Congress is important to stop the attacks. A roadmap should be drawn up for politics, economy, education, trade, the military, diplomacy and administration.”


Berwarî said the parties that aren’t attending the National Congress are looking out for their own interests and continued: “Some of these parties are fulfilling the interests of the invading Turkish state. The parties that aren’t attending the National Congress are looking out for their own interests and not the interests of Kurds or Kurdistan. This approach means becoming tools of the enemies of the Kurdish people in their usurpation of Kurds’ gains. We are calling on these forces to stop. Their politics are serving the invaders.”


Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Executive Council Member Kamûran Berwarî said international powers are silent in the face of the invasion of Kurdistan, and concluded with: “The Kurdish people are fighting, with the faith they have in themselves. International powers have always been silent when it comes to massacres against the Kurdish people, and they still are. This silence shows their lack of conscience. The peoples of Kurdistan won’t let anti-Kurdish politics win. There is no doubt that history will never forgive the treason to the Kurdish people’s will. International powers should stand against the enemies of the Kurdish people and to speak up against attacks on Kurdistan.”