KNK’s Umer: Barzani’s statement does not serve the Kurdish people

KNK Abdulkerim Umer said Barzani should condemn occupation by Turkey.

Abdulkerim Umer, co-chair of Cizre Foreign Affairs Council and member of the Executive Committee of the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) told ANHA about the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan.

Umer stated that the declaration made by the Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, actually legitimized the occupation.

The KNK member stated that the Turkish state tried to revive the Ottoman Empire by occupying lands in all parts of Kurdistan.

“It is in pursue of this dream, that the Turkish state has occupied Afrin, Jarablus, al-Bab and many other areas. Every other day Turkey threatens with occupying Shengal, Makhmur, Sulaymaniyah, Qandil, Aleppo, Mosul, Halabja”.

In fact, Umer pointed out that the Turkish State is pursuing the occupation of various areas in all parts of Kurdistan also because it doesn’t want to allow Kurdish achievements to spread.

The PKK saved South Kurdistan from DAESH

Reminding that the PKK is a Kurdish party and that it has repeatedly showed this in its defense of South Kurdistan from the attacks by DAESH, Umer said: “The PKK is actually the organisation that has saved the people of South Kurdistan from DAESH. The resistance put up by guerrillas here is something sacred. The PKK has many martyrs who gave their life to save South Kurdistan people. The PKK is not occupying South Kurdistan. The Turkish state is”.

No help to the occupying forces

In the past days, the government of South Kurdistan through its Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, has congratulated Turkish President Erdogan and has in fact described the PKK as an invading force.

Umer said that Barzani's statement shows the opposition to the National Congress and does not serve the Kurdish people.

“This statement - Umer said - are de facto legitimizing the attacks carried out by the Turkish state. Barzani states support for the Turkish state and this is very dangerous. The Turkish state is acting against the achievements made by the Kurdish people, therefore no one should help the invaders”.

Umer added that the Iraqi government should clarify its position on the military operation by the Turkish state and insisted that the parties in South Kurdistan should react.

Importance of National Congress

Umer ended his remarks by reiterating the importance of unity among Kurds. “Unity is the key - he said - to respond to these attacks on Kurds. Once again it is clear the need for a National Congress. We believe that such a National Congress should be established as soon as possible, as it provides the best answer to the occupation attempts by the Turkish state”.