Komalen Ciwan Coordination calls for resistance and mobilization

The Komalen Ciwan Coordination called on all Kurds to resist and mobilize everywhere against Turkey’s invasion campaign.

The Komalen Ciwan Coordination released a written statement calling for action in response to the Turkish genocidal attacks in Kurdistan territory.

Urging all Kurds, especially the youth, to mobilize and resist wherever they are, Komalen Ciwan said, “Let's destroy fascism everywhere, at any time and by any method, in a spirit of revolutionary revenge and protect our honour.”

The statement released on Tuesday includes the following:

“The invasion attack launched by the colonialist genocidal fascist Turkey against the Medya Defence Zones on April 17 has faced the self-sacrificing struggle of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla. The Turkish attempt to invade Kurdistan has failed once again. As a genocidal alliance against the Kurds, the fascist AKP-MHP government has been attempting to make the genocidal regime permanent by mobilizing all its means to invade Kurdistan through an uninterrupted war in the last 6 years. The fascist AKP-MHP government keeps launching attacks on our party, which is Kurdistan's resurrection and resistance party, by maintaining the fascist regime in the country and by garnering support from NATO and collaborative betrayers.

The fascist Turkish regime aims to occupy the whole of Kurdistan through genocidal attacks, and to eliminate free Kurds and the Freedom Movement, which is the only guarantee of Kurdish existence. Based on the genocide of peoples, the Turkish regime is trying to maintain its existence by committing a Kurdish genocide which it has failed to achieve in the new century. Since it knows that the only obstacle to realizing this goal is the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas, it uses the most brutal methods and does its best to win. The Kurdistan freedom guerrillas have been putting up relentless resistance against genocidal attacks in every part of Kurdistan, from Bakur (North) to Bashur (South), from Rojava (West) to Şengal. The fascist Turkish state which has resorted to all methods has been defeated by the guerrillas in all the attacks it has launched so far. Unable to achieve its goals until now, the fascist Turkish regime has recently fixated on the Zap region. However, the fighters of Kurdistan have taken revenge for the oppression and suffering of the Kurds for a thousand years through a struggle that has turned the Zap into hell for the Turkish troops in the last month. Our fighters in Zap, which is of great importance in terms of our freedom struggle, are struggling to present free Kurdistan to our people in our 50th year of struggle. In Zap, there has been a legendary resistance that will crown our freedom struggle with victory and destroy the palaces of oppression.


The war in Zap is a war waged on behalf of all Kurds and a fight for survival for the people of Kurdistan, since the Turkish aggression is part of a plan to exterminate the Kurds. This is the war of every Kurd. The Turkish attacks target human dignity as well as the freedom guerrillas who selflessly fight for the sake of all Kurds, Kurdistan and humanity. It is an obligation to resist and fight against oppression and tyranny. Undoubtedly, this war is not only guerrilla warfare. This is a fight for survival, which is a people's war. It is a war where the Kurdish people will defeat fascism with a revolutionary people's war and protect Kurdistan and the Middle East from the tyranny of Turanism (Turkish irredentism).


This is a war in which the people of Kurdistan will not only support the guerrillas but also organize resistance wherever they are to get rid of the Turkish colonialism in Kurdistan's lands. This task should be assumed by the patriotic Kurdistan youth. The bravest and most self-sacrificing young people of Kurdistan are now defeating the Turkish colonial army in the Zap region. Just as the youth of Kurdistan responded to the previous invasion and destruction attacks of fascism by joining the guerrilla ranks, the greatest response to fascism in this historic process should be to join the resistance within the guerrilla ranks. It is the duty of the young Kurds to take part in fighting in every field as well as in the guerrilla ranks. As the Kurdistan revolutionary youth movement, we say that it is the time to step into action against betrayal and occupation as part of the 'Dem Dema Azadiyê' [Time for Freedom] campaign under the motto 'Werin Cenga Azadiyê' [Come to the Battlefield] in a spirit of full mobilization.

We should keep in mind that all the people of Kurdistan are the target of these attacks, and the time has come for Kurdistan and its friends to expand the resistance in every field in a spirit of mobilization. Targeting and striking Turkish fascism in every field through a revolutionary people's war is one of our most significant revolutionary and patriotic duties. With this awareness, an uninterrupted action process should be launched in every field against fascism, occupation and betrayal. The youth of Kurdistan should realize that the most fundamental task of the current period is to secure the physical freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, to defeat Turkish fascism, to eradicate betrayal and collaborationism, and to expel colonialism from Kurdistan in the 50th year of struggle.


As the Kurdistan Youth Movement Komalên Ciwan, we urge all the patriotic-revolutionary youth of Kurdistan from Bakur to Rojava, from Başur to Maxmur and Şengal, from Rojhilat to abroad to organize continuous and uninterrupted actions in all cities, towns, villages and streets in a spirit of serhildan (uprising in Kurdish) on the anniversary of the glorious June 1 guerrilla breakthrough.

The day is the day to stand up against invaders and betrayers. The youth of Kurdistan should realize that we can win only through our own self-defence and struggle. Every young Kurd should turn him/herself into a weapon against the enemy. Anyone who insults our struggle for freedom and cooperates with the enemy should not be allowed to sleep comfortably at their home. Just as the guerrillas are clamping down on the Turkish army, the Kurdish youth should clamp down on those who are hostile to our movement and values ​​. Resisting and fighting is the only way in Kurdistan. We live under such a colonial grip that even our breathing is possible through resistance. Therefore, we say that let's destroy fascism everywhere, at any time and with any method, and protect our honour in a spirit of revolutionary revenge against fascism, occupation and betrayal. Realizing this mission is the most important task of the youth of Kurdistan. We urge the youth of Kurdistan to fulfil their duties, to raise the flag of resistance in every field, to bring fascism, colonialism, occupation and betrayal to account and to win the final victory.”