KON-MED commemorates Halabja victims

The largest umbrella organization of the Kurdish diaspora in Germany, KON-MED, commemorated victims of the Halabja genocide by Iraqi forces on March 16, 1988.

In a statement to mark the 35th anniversary of the Halabja massacre, the KON-MED stated that the pain of Halabja is still felt today as the first day and stressed that those who perpetrated this, and other massacres must be tried by international courts.

Remarking that the Turkish state has committed similar crimes multiple times, KON-MED said: “Dictator Saddam Hussein killed thousands of our people in Halabja with chemical gas, and dictator Erdogan aims for the same thing by using chemical weapons against the Kurdish freedom guerrillas today. European states that failed to prosecute Saddam in international courts must prosecute Erdogan for his war crimes. Not only is Erdogan guilty of this crime, but also all states which sell banned weapons to the Turkish state.”

The KON-MED statement added: “As the Kurdish people, we will hold those who committed these massacres to account. We will never forget these massacres and their perpetrators. We will not forget Halabja, nor the massacres that destroyed the peoples of Dersim, Geliyê Zîlan, Serdeşt, Merîwan, Amûdê, Anfal, Feylî Kurds, Yarsan, Yazidi, Shengal, Roboski, Cizîra Botan.”