Kurdish parties and groups issue call to reject Turkish war plans

Numerous parties and organizations from Kurdistan have warned and called to stand against the invasion attacks and plans of the Turkish state.

A joint written statement was issued today by the Kurdistan parties and organizations in Avrufa.

The statement said: "We see that the invading Turkish state is trying to play a very dirty game in South Kurdistan.

As we all know, the history of this state is full of hostile policies and actions against the people of Kurdistan.

Recently, along with its plan for the West (of Kurdistan), it has begun a dangerous plan in the South. In Zînî Wertê, Turkey started building the ground for a new fratricidal conflict for its own benefit. We clearly see that this hostile State wants to bring the forces of the Kurdistan People's Movement into civil war."

The statement continued: "Will our forces remain silent and unresponsive to this plan and the genocide project to be implemented against our people?

No, we should not remain silent, we should stand up. On behalf of the institutions and organizations below, we call on all Kurdish parties, institutions and organizations in Europe to frustrate this treacherous plan, we must stand up with a common attitude and a common response!

First of all, we, as the main forces in Kurdistan must oppose the forces in that region, against the threat posed by the fascist Turkish state. We call on everyone to reject this plan. The conscientious peoples and humanity of the world and the people of Kurdistan should stand up for a free and equal struggle for life."

The signatories of the call are as follows:

PUK (YNK-Yektiya Niştimanî Kurdistan)
Tevgêra GORRAN
KCDK-E (Kongra Civaka Kurdistaniyan-Ewrupa)
TJK-E (Tevgêra Jinên Kurdistanê-Ewrupa)
Partiya ŞÛÎ Kurdistan Basur
Partiya Zahmetkêşan - Başûr
PADÊ (Partiya Azadî û Democracy Êzîdiya)
Tevgêrê Azadî
PYD (Partiya Yekîtiya Democrat)
P.D.K.S (Partiya demoqtat a kurri ya sûrî)
Partiya Çep a Kurd li Sûrî.
Tevgera Nûjen or Kurdistanî-Sûrya.
Partiya Demokrata Kurd li Sûriya (El Partî).
Partiya Çep to Democrat li Sûriya.
Partiya Rêkeftin a Kurd li Sûrya.
Partiya Çaksaziya Kurd li Sûriya.
Partiya Kesk to Kurdistanî Sûriya.
Partiya Demokrata Kurdistanî from Sûrya.
Partiya Komanist a Kurdistanî sûriya.
PÎK (Partiya islamiya Kurdistan)
KKP (Partiya Kominista Kurdistan)
Tevgera Kawa
PJAK (Partiya Jiyana Azada Kurdistan)
Yakyatî Şorşgêrî Kurdistan
KODAR (Civaka Democrat û Azada Rojhelatĕ Kurdistan)
KJAR (Civaka Jinên Rojhelatî Kurdistan)
Horam to Platform
Plattform Zagros
Plattform Yarsan
Yarî Kurd
Tevçand (Tevgera Çand û Hunera Kurd)
Kurdische Ship Stuttgart e.V
FEDA (Federiyeta Elewîyên Kurdistan)
NAV - YEK (Komelên Êzidiya to the Federation)
Kurdische Zentrum Berlin
CIK (Civaka Islamiya Kurdistan)
Kurdî Institute - Almanaya
Kurdî - Bruksel
MŞD (Meclîsa Şingal a Derveyî Welat)
YMK (Yekîtîya Mamostayên Kurdistan)
YES (Yekitiya Êzdiyên Sûri)
Kurdisch Gemeinde Brandenburg - Berlin
Dachverband der Êzidischen Frauenräte
DKF (Deutsch-kurdisches Forum) e.V Dresden
Mesopotamia People's Congress.
Mesopotamian Freedom Party.
Kurdistan human rights Association