'Kurdish people’s future is being stolen with chemical weapons'

Physiology expert Dr. Sadat Abdullah Ezîz said that a research centre should be established to investigate the Turkish use of chemical weapons. “The future of the Kurdish people is being stolen with these weapons, whose effects last for decades."

The Turkish state, which has been continuing its invasion campaign in the territories of South Kurdistan (North Iraq) since April 14, is resorting to banned chemical weapons. Most recently, the HPG reported that the invading Turkish army bombed the positions of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla forces 150 times between 7-9 December with chemical weapons.


Physiologist Dr. Sadat Abdullah Eziz spoke to ANF about the effects of chemical weapons on the nature of Kurdistan. Eziz pointed out that chemical weapons and toxic gases lead to humanitarian disasters, adding, “These weapons undoubtedly have a terrible effect not only on people but also on nature.”

The physiologist emphasized that the effects of chemical weapons last for decades: “With such weapons, our future is being stolen. Nature does not renew itself because of chemical weapons. The international organizations that deal with this issue, especially scientific organizations, should urgently come to the region and conduct detailed examinations.”


Dr. Ezîz stated that a research centre should be established to investigate the chemical weapons used by the Turkish state. Members of non-governmental organizations, human rights defenders and experts can take part in such a centre, he noted, adding, “Since a nation is facing a genocide, the use of chemical weapons should come to the fore globally.”

Dr. Eziz noted that enemies of the Kurdish people are making efforts to treat the matter as a political issue: “The mass slaughter and genocide attempts against the Kurds should not be considered a political issue because it is not just about eradicating a movement or organization, but rather the entire Kurdish people. The people of the region should be protected against this genocide attempt. The Kurdish question cannot be resolved through chemical weapons. The Turkish state must understand very well that this issue can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.”