Kurdish politician Pencewînî: A conflict among Kurds will be a serious blow to South Kurdistan

Kurdish politician, Dr. Mihemet Emîn Pencewînî, said that a catastrophe is imminent if the KDP attacks the guerrillas together with the Turkish state. This would primarily represent a serious blow to South Kurdistan.

The Turkish regime leader, Erdoğan, visited Iraq and South Kurdistan in recent days to prepare an attack on areas defended by the guerrillas and a large-scale invasion. The politician and member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), Dr. Mihemet Emîn Pencewînî, warned of the involvement of the KDP government in South Kurdistan in the attack.

Iraq and PUK refused to participate in Turkish war

The Kurdish politician pointed out that the Iraqi Defense Ministry had informed the Turkish state that it would not take part in the attacks against the PKK. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), including its leader Bafil Talabani, have said they will also not take part in Turkey's war against the PKK. Because the PKK is not in PUK territory.

Disagreements within the KDP

Pencewînî said: "Turkey asked Iran to attack PJAK at the same time, but Iran refused. Iran also does not support this war because it does not want the Turkish army, a NATO member, to come further near its border. That is the current situation. It is rumored that part of the Kurdistan Regional Government's armed forces will take part in the attack against the PKK. There is no official announcement on this topic yet. However, according to rumors among the politicians in South Kurdistan, part of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is in favor of taking part in Turkey's war against the PKK."

But apparently there is still disagreement in the KDP: "Some in the KDP think so for no good cause. That is the current situation. But the people of South Kurdistan are generally against this attack and against Kurdish forces taking part in an attack on Qandil. That would be a major catastrophe. In such a case, the worst blow would be against South Kurdistan. If a Kurdish force attacks another Kurdish force together with the Turkish army, it will cause great damage to national unity. It will become a war between Kurds, not between Kurds and the Turkish state. The representatives of all Kurdish parties and personalities of Kurdistan who attended the KNK meeting demanded in their speeches that no Kurdish force in South Kurdistan should help the Turkish army to attack the Kurdistan guerrillas."