Makhmur people: Abadi and Erdoğan are responsible for the attack

Makhmur people condemned Wednesday’s attack on Makhmur Refugee Camp in Southern Kurdistan, called attention to the responsibility of Iraqi central government and the United Nations, demanding an explanation from the Abadi government.

Residents of the UN-supervised Makhmur (Martyr Rüstem) Refugee Camp spoke to ANF about Wednesday evening’s attack that targeted security units of the camp.

ŞOREŞ DIDÊRİ: First of all, I strongly condemn this barbaric attack. All Kurdistan people should show reaction to this attack. We demand an explanation from Iraqi central government and the United Nations on this attack. We expect everyone to oppose and condemn this attack.

XATÛN SPÊRTÎ: I condemn this attack. We are under protection of the United Nations. Iraqi central government, Abadi and Turkish President Erdoğan are responsible for this attack which was carried out jointly by these forces. Our forces that are protecting us became the target. These forces have protected us from several attacks. We condemn Abadi and the forces behind him. We will defend ourselves against all kinds of attacks, and we will avenge our martyrs. I call on all our patriotic people to oppose and respond to this attack.

SEDİK AYVANİ: I condemn this attack in the first place. We are political refugees. The Iraqi central government and the Turkish state are responsible for this attack against our security forces that are made up of civilian people and protect us against all attacks. They protected the people from being massacred by ISIS. This attack was carried out with the support of local forces and everyone should show their reaction.