‘Maxmur people are the voice of the people of Kurdistan’

Maxmur People's Assembly Co-Chair Yusuf Kara said that the Turkish state aims to disband the residents through its attacks against the camp. “We will not bow down to the attacks, we will crown our victory with the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan,” he said.

The residents of the Martyr Rüstem Cûdî Camp (Maxmur) have been subjected to pressure and attacks by the Turkish state and the KDP for the last 28 years. While the KDP, in cooperation with the invading Turkish state, imposes an embargo on the people of Maxmur, the Turkish state is carrying out air strikes against the camp. On May 21, a young man from Maxmur, named Haci Mirza Eli, was martyred as a result of a Turkish attack. The Turkish attacks have left dozens of civilians dead since 2017. However, the people of Maxmur continue their resistance despite mounting oppression and attacks.

Speaking to ANF, Maxmur People's Assembly Co-Chair Kara evaluated the Turkish attacks and Maxmur people’s stance against them. 

Kara stated that many villages were burned, hundreds of people were killed, and numerous people went missing because of the dirty policies of the Turkish state. “Turkey is constantly attacking the camp so that the people do not support the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. The people of Maxmur have been maintaining their presence in various areas for 28 years. The Turkish state wants to take away people's right to live freely. The people of Maxmur are the voice of the people of Kurdistan. Although the people of Maxmur have been in exile for 28 years, they are still subjected to the attacks of the fascist Turkish state and traitors. They wanted to disband the people in the camp through economic, political, social and other measures. However, the people of Maxmur continue to resist the attacks and they will never surrender,” Kara said.


Kara emphasized that the people of Kurdistan would always remain loyal to the Freedom Movement. “Turkey employs all kinds of barbarian methods to break this will. They attempt to cut the people’s ties with the martyrs and Öcalan, yet they will never achieve their goals, since the Kurdish people remain dedicated to the philosophy of Öcalan and the martyrs. The Freedom Movement has been fighting NATO, the top military power, since 1973. It is difficult to break the will of such a movement and community.”

Kara continued, "The aim of the Turkish state is to break this will, to enslave the Kurds and to establish an empire in the Middle East. If the Turkish state cannot realize its goals easily in the Middle East, it is because of the philosophy of Kurdish leader Öcalan. Turkey is aware that in order to be able to act freely in the Middle East, it must first declare victory against the Kurdistan Freedom Movement. If Turkey succeeds, it will control an area extending from Kirkuk to Aleppo as described in its “National Pact”. Just as it imposed its sovereignty over society during the Ottoman Empire and massacred them, it seeks to pursue the same policies today."


The Kurdistan Freedom Movement is a power that hinders the invasion plans of the Turkish state and seeks to ensure the democratization of societies in the Middle East, according to Kara. “There has never been such a war against an oppressed people like the Kurds in the world. Recently, the Turkish state, together with its collaborators, has been trying to eliminate this ideology. If treacherous collaborators do not take part in these attacks, the enemy is not that strong.”

“We will always be leading our fight against traitors. We will continue our struggle with the philosophy that Öcalan introduced to humanity. As the people of Maxmur, we promise that we will keep alive the sacred resistance that continues throughout Kurdistan. We will not bow to the enemy. We will resist the attacks and crown our victory with Öcalan's freedom,” Kara concluded.