Maxmur residents launch hunger strike for Öcalan’s freedom

The vigil launched for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) has been shifted into a hunger strike.

The vigil launched in the Martyr Rustem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur on December 10, 2022, to demand freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, has been shifted into a hunger strike.


In a statement to the press, Maxmur People's Assembly Co-Chair Yusuf Kara said: "In February we remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of humanity, and we mark the conspiracy against Öcalan. We have repeatedly stated that the system adopted in the Imrali prison remains unprecedented. The isolation imposed on our leader is carried out for the material and political interests of the fascist states with the help of NATO, since Öcalan has defied capitalist modernity.”

Kara added: “No one can darken our sun. As the people of Kurdistan, we must take a clear and effective stance against this fascism, isolation and genocide. The people of Maxmur have been carrying out a vigil for Öcalan’s physical freedom for 52 days. This vigil will now be turned into a hunger strike. We will continue our actions until Öcalan is free.”