Maxmur resistance enters 5th day

The resistance of the people against the Iraqi state's attempt to besiege Maxmur continues on its fifth day.

The Iraqi army has been trying to surround Maxmur with wire fences and towers since 20 May.

The people of the camp resisted the attempt from the beginning and stopped the Iraqi forces who came to the area with armoured vehicles. For five days, people have been holding a vigil to protect the camp.

Opposite the points where the Iraqi forces are stationed, the people have established a barrier with their own bodies.

Everyone from 7 to 70 takes part in the resistance. In the evenings, mothers' laments rise from the resistance points.

UN representative came after 9 years

Negotiations between the people of Maxmur and the relevant parties continue. For the first time since the ISIS attack in 2014, UN representatives met with a camp delegation. During the meeting, the people of Maxmur presented a file containing their demands.

The Iraqi army continues to insist on the siege but the resistance continues.

Tevgera Azadi, who made a statement in front of the Iraqi Office in Sulaymaniyah on 23 May, demanded the implementation of refugee law in accordance with international law.

Tevgera Azadî said that the Turkish state put pressure on Baghdad to dismantle the camp and threatened the country with a "water war".

4 years of embargo

The closure of the camp, where around 12 thousand refugees live, poses a serious danger to the lives of people, because among them are many seriously ill refugees.

The Maxmur camp has already been under a heavy embargo by the KDP since 17 July 2019. The people of the camp are not allowed to enter the cities of South Kurdistan and to enter the camp for basic needs from outside. Many people have lost their lives due to this embargo.

Tevgera Azadi said: "Instead of serving the refugees, the KDP has put the camp under embargo for 4 years."