Memorial in Shengal for three YBŞ martyrs

A memorial was held in Shengal for YBŞ Commanders Berxwedan Tolhildan, Azad Izdin and Enwer Tolhildan.

YBŞ Commander Berxwedan Tolhildan, who fell as a martyr fighting ISIS in January 2015, and YBŞ Commanders Azad Izdin and Enwer Tolhildan, who fell as martyrs in the airstrike carried out by the invading Turkish state in Geliye Şilo on 21 January 2022, were commemorated with a ceremony held in Shengal.

The memorial was attended by hundreds of people from Shengal and started with a minute’s silence, after which, candles were lit by the mothers of the martyrs.

'They gave their lives for our people'

Speaking on behalf of the Shengal Martyrs' Families Committee, Pakize Celal said that all three fallen fighters had been active since the 3 August 2014 genocide and added: "They took the lead in the struggle to protect our youth. We will never forget our comrades who sacrificed their lives for our society. Everyone who works for their people and protects the values of the people is targeted. We are proud of the martyrdom of our children.”

Speaking on behalf of the YBŞ and YJŞ Command, Tahsin Hebabi said: "Our comrades fell fighting ISIS. They made it possible for us to live in this land by sacrificing their lives for their beliefs and for their people. Attacks are carried out against our people through the cooperation of traitors. The YBŞ and YJŞ promise to avenge our martyrs.”

Speaking on behalf of TAJÊ, Rihan Hesen and Shengal religious scholar Berkat Feqir said that the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend their lands never die and will always live in the memory of society.

A video about the lives of the three fighters was shown and the end of the event.