Mêrdîn: Turkish attacks are not just military, they're political

KJK Coordination member Rewşan Mêrdîn spoke about the Turkish state's invasion attacks, and said that the attacks are not only military but also political.

Kurdistan Women's Community (Komalen Jinen Kurdistan, KJK) Coordination member Rewşan Mêrdîn was a guest on the Rojeva Jin program broadcasted on Stêrk TV.

Mêrdîn emphasized that the occupation carried out by Turkey refers not only to South Kurdistan but to all parts of Kurdistan.

Mêrdîn stated that the Turkish state and AKP government vowed to destroy the Kurds and added: "Today there are threats against South Kurdistan. This situation is not new, the Turkish state has been conducting an occupation campaign against SouthKurdistan for a long time. The Kurdish people, the South (of Kurdistan) government and political parties should see this. The political parties in particular need to take the right step. They do not know where the alliance with the Turkish state will lead them."

Mêrdîn said that the South government made wrong calculations and took wrong steps and continued: "The attacks are not only military but also political. If the South government does not protest the occupation of its lands today, then they are a part in the invasion."

Women should stand up against occupation

Mêrdîn highlighted the role of women with the following words; "The most persecuted are women and children in all wars. Now the war is a multi-faceted one. And those who oppose the war most are women. They should organize together and stand against occupation."

The 'Third Way'

Mêrdîn also touched upon the establishment of South Kurdistan Self-Defense Forces and said: "South Kurdistan Self-Defense Forces have been established in the South now. The issue is not only military. This force is to oppose the occupation. The young people of the South have been carrying out a human shield action against the attacks in Bradost and Qandil." 

Mêrdîn ended her comments by talking about "Leader Apo and his very important evaluations for us to play a correct role and presented us with perspectives. In particular, he defined the Third Way for the HDP. It turned out in the Istanbul elections that the people do not want a one-man regime, they want a parliamentary system. This shows that the system has lost its legitimacy. There is a great opportunity for democratic forces. Because they are based on the democratic alliance, the Third Way. Once again, the biggest role falls on women. Women must lead the Third Way."