MLKP guerrillas join the defense of Southern Kurdistan

MLKP FESK guerrillas said; “We will defend every inch of Kurdistan lands like in Kobanê, Nusaybin and Afrin.”

Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) FESK guerrillas have announced their participation in the resistance to defend the lands of Southern Kurdistan against occupation attacks of the Turkish army.

The guerrillas held a press briefing in Southern Kurdistan before heading to their positions. MLKP fighters Erdal Tîrêj and Dicle Awaz held a speech on behalf of guerrillas.

MLKP/KKÖ fighter Dicle Awaz said that; “We are taking our place in the battle field alongside our comrades against the Turkish army’s occupation attacks on Southern Kurdistan.

Awaz recalled that they lost maiy fighters in Southern Kurdistan lands where they have been present for years, saying; “We will not allow the fascist, occupant, colonialist Turkish army to defile the free areas where each martyr of ours has footprints. We will not allow the colonialist forces nor their collaborators to pass through these areas which thousands of martyrs liberated with their blood.”

Awaz stressed that MLKP female guerrillas are also a part of the resistance in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones just like they were in the self-governance resistance and the women’s revolution in Rojava. “We will raise the spirit and flag of our women martyrs in Medya Defense Zones, every inch of which we will defend until the last drop of blood and last bullet. We will allow neither Rojava women’s revolution nor our free areas to be defiled or choked by fascist invaders.”

Awaz continued, calling on all the peoples, mainly young women and youth to take their place in the battlefield against the occupation attacks and defend the free mountains.

Recalling that Medya Defense Zones have fostered the struggle of four parts of Kurdistan and raised commanders for dozens of years, Awaz said; “Like in Qandil, Xakurkê, Bradost and Kobanê, we will enhance the struggle with the spirit of martyrs and not allow the occupation attacks of the fascist Turkish state to triumph.”

Speaking after, MLKP guerrilla Erdal Tîrêj said the following; “Our party MLKP will not be a mere spectator in the face of the attacks targeting the Kurdish Freedom Movement and Kurdish nation. We are fighters who believe that the Kurdish people, who are under colonialism, must definitely be free in order for the emancipation of the Turkish people as well.”

Recalling that the fascist Turkish state is preparing to occupy Qandil, MLKP guerrilla Tîrêj ended with the following words; “We, MLKP fighters, have taken up our arms to defend the lands of Southern Kurdistan, every inch in Metina, Zap, Xinere, Xakurkê and Bradost. Alongside our comrades from HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA-Star (Free Women’s Troops), we will defend Southern Kurdistan lands at the cost of our lives. If the fascist occupant Turkish troops are to come here, they will get what’s coming to them.”