‘More must be done against special war policies’

DBP Amed Provincial Co-Chair Sultan Yaray said that they are trying to expose and stand against the state's special war policies targeting women and youth, but they need to work harder.


Speaking to ANF, Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Amed Provincial Co-Chair Sultan Yaray stated that special war policies are not unique to AKP-MHP, but are a state policy and said, "It is a total war on the dynamics, free structure, culture and every field of the people. Special war policies are carried out with great care and secrecy in every field as a state policy."

Noting that youth and women are especially targeted, Sultan Yaray said: "They are trying to create a society that is unable to think, that is anxious, distanced from itself and afraid of organising. They are trying to take over the mind of society. Especially in recent years, we have been experiencing an increase in suicides. There is a serious tendency of the young people towards drugs. The state has the understanding that 'it is better this way than that they rebel against us'. We are trying to expose these and fulfill our duty. We must work harder to save our youth."

Pointing to the importance of an all-out struggle against special war policies, Sultan Yaray said, "The state has a serious orientation especially against our patriotic families and seeks to displace our people. Our municipalities have a serious responsibility. The stronger we become and the more we fight against the system, the more success we will achieve. The secret of success lies in strong organisation and struggle."