More Turkish soldiers killed as guerrilla resistance against occupation continues

In guerrilla actions in Southern Kurdistan, 31 members of the Turkish occupation forces were killed, a drone, an armoured car and a position were destroyed. The Turkish army used chemical weapons and explosives 36 times.

The Turkish army continues to suffer heavy losses in its invasion of Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). According to the People's Defense Forces (HPG), 31 occupants have been killed in guerrilla actions in the Medya Defense Zones, while a drone, an armoured car and a position of the invading forces have been destroyed. The daily release by HPG Press Centre also revealed that the Turkish army used chemical weapons and explosives against guerrilla positions 36 times. The resistance areas were bombed eleven times by fighter jets, seven times by helicopters and dozens of times by howitzers.

Avaşîn and Xakurke

In the Avaşîn region, guerrillas struck the invading forces at the Werxelê mountain massif on 5 July. At Girê Karker in the Xakurke region, soldiers of the Turkish army were struck twice with heavy weapons on 4 July. At least two occupants were killed and one position was completely destroyed.

Military vehicle and drone destroyed in Zap

In the Zap region, three occupiers were killed in a guerrilla action on 2 July when a unit tried to advance towards the ŞehîdUmîd tunnel. In the Şikefta Birîndara area, the invading forces attempted to advance to the top of the mountain with armoured bulldozers and shovels at 8 am on 5 July. While the guerrillas intervened and forced the column to partially retreat, two occupiers were killed and one was injured, in addition to property damage to the vehicles. The dead and injured soldiers were taken away by helicopter.

At the same time, a military column advanced from the Çemço area towards Werxelê. An armoured car was destroyed by the guerrillas, killing the eight occupants. On Tuesday evening, the guerrillas shot down a drone over Çemço.

Girê Amêdî and Girê Cûdî

Various guerrilla actions took place at the disputed Girê Amêdî on Tuesday. Four soldiers were shot dead by YJA Star snipers, eleven soldiers were killed in five actions of sabotage. Another soldier was shot dead by a mobile sniper unit at Girê Cûdî and the invaders were further targeted in another action with heavy weapons.

Attacks by the Turkish army

Guerrilla positions in the areas of Girê FM, Werxelê, Karker and Koker were affected by the Turkish army's chemical weapons and explosives attacks on Tuesday. HPG reported continued drone movements from the areas of Girê Hekarî, Girê FM and Girê Cûdî. Dozens of artillery shells hit the areas of Girê Amêdî, Koordîne, Gundê Deşîşê and Girê Hekarî. Helicopter attacks were carried out on Girê FM, Girê Cûdî and Girê Hekarî, while fighter jets bombed the areas of Girê Amêdî, Çemço, Sîda, Gundê Şêlazê in Metîna as well as Deşta Kafya, Gundê Ergenê, Gundê Çemrobotkî and Geliyê Şêranê in Gare since Monday.