National Front against Turkish occupation meets with Iraqi MPs

The National Front against Turkish occupation called on the Iraqi Parliamentarians to condemn Turkish attacks.

Members of the National Front against Turkish occupation, which includes activists, writers, academics, religious scholars and politicians, have visited the Iraqi Parliament office in Sulaymaniyah on Monday. 

The National Front delegation met with deputies and asked them to react to the occupation attempts and the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan.

Speaking at the press conference organised after the meeting, PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) deputy and a member of the National Front against the Turkish occupation, Salar Mahmud said that they were calling on the Iraqi parliament to strongly oppose the Turkish state attacks. 

Mahmud confirmed the delegation asked the deputies of the Iraqi parliament to make a statement against the Turkish occupation attempts and attacks. “We also wanted the cancellation of the agreement to cross the border signed by the Baath regime and  Turkey in 1978-1984. We do not accept that the Turkish state is able to cross into the lands of South Kurdistan so easily. The Parliament and governments of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region should express a stronger reaction and should not actually allow the invasion to continue”.

Speaking after Salar Mahmud, Iraqi deputy, Rêzan Sêx Diler said: “We hope that the Iraqi parliament will meet as soon as possible to discuss and take position against the occupation attacks by the Turkish state. We want a special session of the parliament to be dedicated to the issue”. 

Rêzan Sêx Diler added: “We want the Parliament, the government and the president to state their contrariety to attacks carried out by the Turkish state. There is no reason for the Turkish state to be able to attack South Kurdistan lands. The invaders have no legal grounds to carry out these attacks”.