New actions by guerrillas in Zap, says HPG

According to the HPG, four more Turkish soldiers have been killed in South Kurdistan since Friday evening, when the guerrillas destroyed an armored vehicle and thwarted an airborne operation in Zap.

The Turkish army launched a major attack on the Zap region in South Kurdistan on Thursday evening, and heavy fighting is still taking place.

As the press center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) announced in a recent statement on the clashes, guerrillas attacked a Turkish Kirpi armored vehicle with heavy weapons in the area of ​​the village of Sergelê on Friday evening.

The vehicle was destroyed, and three soldiers were killed. At the same time, attacks with heavy weapons and sniper tactics took place in the Girê Amêdî resistance area, killing another Turkish soldier. In addition, another air operation by the Turkish army in the Girê Bahar area was thwarted by the guerrillas on Friday night. A Sikorsky transport helicopter that was under fire was badly hit and had to retreat before troops could be dropped off, according to the HPG.

Losses in Yüksekova denied

In the statement, the HPG also denied reports by the Turkish army about military operations in North Kurdistan. According to the information, extensive operations took place in various areas in Yüksekova (Gever) on June 30 and July 2. In this context, the Turkish military spread the false information that three guerrillas were captured alive, and one person was killed. "The information provided by the Turkish occupation army is a complete lie," the HPG said, adding: "The operations in Gever were unsuccessful, there were no casualties or prisoners of war."

Air strikes by the Turkish army in South Kurdistan

In addition to previous statements about the recent air strikes by the Turkish army on the Medya Defense Areas, the HPG reported that between July 3 and 5, the Lolan and Kendekola areas in Xakurke, Şiyê, Kanî Sarkê and Gûzê in Gare, Mîska and Bêşîlî in Metîna and the Zap region were bombed a total of eleven times by fighter jets. Xakurkê, Metîna and the west of the Zap region were also attacked by combat helicopters.