New provocation by the KDP in South Kurdistan

There were reports about a KDP armoured vehicle convoy moving from Sheladize to Rêçbiraxa.

There were reports about a KDP armoured vehicle convoy arriving in the area of Geliyê Balinda. The convoy apparently was warned by guerrillas.

According to information received from local sources, on Thursday at around 4.42 pm (local time), a convoy of armoured vehicles from KDP forces departed from Sheladize in Amediye in South Kurdistan and wanted to go to Rêçbiraxa, an area under control of HPG guerrillas.

It was stated that the military convoy consisting of civilian and armoured vehicles affiliated to the KDP encountered HPG guerrillas when they entered the area of Geliyê Balinda and was warned by guerrillas to stop moving forward.

Local sources noted that the provocative attempt of the KDP forces, who responded to the verbal warnings of the guerrillas by pulling out their guns, was prevented by the intervention of the people in the region and the prudent approach of the guerrillas themselves.

It was learned that the KDP convoy was waiting near the Siri base of the invading Turkish army in Sheladize.