One killed as village guards rake through car in Bingöl

Village guards raked through a car with 2 passengers in the Buyukcag village in the Genc district. Sedat Uzan was killed in the attack, and Edip Uzan is missing.

One man was killed and another has gone missing in the incident where village guards raked through a car they stopped in the Buyukcag village of Bingol’s Genc district.

Sedat Uzan, father of 6, who was travelling in the village to buy goats and his cousin Edip Uzan, father of 3, left the village in a car at 16:00 yesterday. Shortly after the car left, village guards started to tail them.  The car was stopped by village guards, and the two men stepping out of the car were raked through by the village guards.


Sedat Uzan lost his life in the attack, while Edip Uzan’s fate is unknown. Sedat Uzan’s body was taken to the gendarmerie outpost.

The village guards attempted to disguise the incident as clashes.

Aziz Uzan, the late Sedat Uzan’s brother, said: “My brother and cousin were shot after they got out of the car.”