Open letter from the KNK about tension in South Kurdistan

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) co-chairs Zeynep Murad and Ahmed Karamus wrote a letter about the growing tension in South Kurdistan.

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) co-chairs Zeynep Murad and Ahmed Karamus wrote a letter to Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani, Kurdistan Regional Prime Minister Masrur Barzani, KDP President Masoud Barzani, PUK Presidents Lahor Şexceng and Bafil Talebani and KCK co-chairs Besê Hozat and Cemil Bayık.

The KNK co-chairs wrote: "A few days ago there was a disturbing exchange between the KDP and PUK in the region of Zînî Wertê. Then there was a crisis between the HPG forces and the KDP peshmerga. This crisis may cause an internal conflict.

The enemy Turkish state is already using this crisis as an opportunity and is bombing the region. For a long time, the Turkish state has occupied some of the territory of South Kurdistan and established bases there, its plan being to eliminate all the achievements of the Kurdish people. All Kurdistan forces must see this and act accordingly towards the invaders.

An internal conflict between the Kurds today and the elimination of Kurdish achievements is unacceptable. Such a situation only serves the enemy."

The statement continued: "We, the people, politicians, civil institutions, artists, intellectuals and academics should take a historical responsibility at this time.

Undoubtedly, it is the responsibility of the Kurdistan Region Government to protect the borders of the Kurdistan Region. All Kurdish political parties and all Kurdistan forces see the South Kurdistan Government as their own government. We support its political domination and legitimate protection of its territory."

The statement added: "In this sense, historical and great responsibilities fall on the President and Government of the Kurdistan Region. Furthermore the KDP, PUK and PKK should prevent a new destruction. In this context, when it comes to the existence and absence of the Kurdish people, the KDP, PUK and PKK should set aside their party interests and contradictions. They must act jointly to protect the interests of their people. They should take the same attitude bound by a national unity strategy.

Our people, comrades and friends want unity from us. In no way would they accept an internal conflict. Conflict, crisis, civil war are great disasters for us.

In order to protect the interests of the Kurdish people, we need to take a common attitude towards the enemy."

The statement ended with the following remarks: "First of all, we want the forces deployed to Zînî Wertê to retreat to their previous regions and end the black propaganda in the media.

With this hope, we call on the Kurdistan Region Government, KDP, PUK and PKK to establish a dialogue as soon as possible. Dialogue is essential for the current confusing exchange to be resolved and end.

May this crisis lead to our unity and solidarity. Let's have a common attitude with a national strategy. Only in this way can we defeat the enemy trying to eliminate the achievements of our people."