PADÊ: Iraq should stop Turkish attacks

PADÊ reacted to the turmoil in Iraq by saying that "Iraq should stop Turkish attacks."

PADÊ (Partiya Azadî û Demokratyê ya Êzidiyan / Êzidî Freedom and Democracy Party) held a meeting in the town of Sinun, in Shengal. Political developments, party activities and the recent activity of the Iraqi army were discussed at the meeting.

The work of the party was evaluated first at the meeting. Speakers said that "the enemy forces have increased their plans against the Yazidi community, and that the purpose of these plans is to break the will of the people of the region."

After the meeting, a statement was made by Silêman Heci on behalf of the Party's Foreign Relations Committee.

'The KDP doesn’t represent the people of Shengal'

The statement said: "We are calling on Iraq to seek solutions through dialogue and not turn Shengal into an environment marked by chaos. These attitudes prevent people from returning to Shengal. Iraq needs to block the Turkish state's attacks. The attacks are carried out against civilians as well as institutional figures."

The statement also referred to the KDP's stance and said that "the declarations of KDP parliamentarians do not serve the policy of common life in Shengal. Those who make such declarations do not serve the people of Shengal and do not represent the people of Shengal."