PAJK executive Cûdi: Success is in the guerrilla's actions

PAJK Coordination Member Bêrîtan Cûdi said: “Even if they have captured some hills this cannot be called success. The real success is hidden in guerrilla actions.”

Despite the many reconnaissance planes and thermal activities carried out by the Turkish army, PAJK Coordination Member Bêrîtan Cûdi said that the guerrillas acted day and night and underlined the following: “Success is this. As Seyîd Riza said, the enemy can go to Kurdistan but cannot win.”

PAJK Coordination Member Bêrîtan Cûdi spoke to Stêrk TV.

What is the aim pursued by the Turkish state with the attacks of civilians in Şêladizê, Kobanê and more recently Kunemasî?

The Turkish state is saying ‘We are attacking the PKK. Our attacks are not directed at civilians, wherever there is a PKK member, our attacks are legitimate.’ If a PKK member is in the middle of the city, should the city be hit by a missile or rocket? Should we take action in the middle of the street with a soldier or police with a large amount of explosives? Turkish fascism can bombard easily the middle of the city, a picnic area and a village by plane. Whatever the reason, killing civilians by targeting women and children is a major crime.

Kurdish women were murdered in Kobanê…

The massacre in Kobanê is also against the women's revolution. Our friends, Zehra and Hebûn, are leading figures of the women's revolution. They were struggling for society, not for an individual quest. The genocide policy continues to destroy society in the person of women. They rape women in Afrin. As Leader Apo [Abdullah Ocalan] said ‘If so many women are killed in a country, I do not want to be a citizen of that country’. Therefore, all women should say ‘Erdoğan is a woman killer" in their marches, writing and statements.

There is an invasion attack and a historical resistance in Heftanîn. What's happening here?

They said that with this attack, they control the guerrilla forces and prevent their crossing into North Kurdistan. They are already controlling the region with 24-hour reconnaissance planes. The borders of Kurdistan have been closed. This means occupying South Kurdistan to begin with. They are trying to move their borders further. In this context, they want to carry out a change in the 100th year of the Lausanne Treatment.

Despite such bombing, even if they have captured some hills, they cannot call this a success. The real success is hidden in guerrilla actions. Despite so many reconnaissance, planes, and thermal activities, guerrillas act day and night. Success is this. As Seyîd Rıza said, the enemy can enter Kurdistan but cannot win.

What can the people do against the hostility and aggression of the State?

People have gone on death fast just to reclaim their right to sing, the enemy fears 70-year-old mothers and put them in prisons. The enemy is just acting as enemies so. The main thing is what we do. Patriotism is important at such times. If we cannot counter this process well, the invaders will benefit from this. If we are effective, we will live in times of freedom.

Therefore, everyone should be able to answer the question ‘How pro-freedom am I and how I am looking for a free life’. Nobody should be pessimistic. In the dark times of 12 September [1980] it wasn’t even clear what will happen tomorrow. Yet, the victory was the Kurdish Freedom Movement. This movement also won against ISIS. No emperor and state can stand up against the strength of the people. The important thing is to act with the spirit of resistance and rebellion.