PAJK: Revolutionary people's war is the only way against special war

The coordination of PAJK said: "If we rely on an intensified people's war, success against the expanded special war is possible for us."

The Coordination of the Party of Free Women in Kurdistan (PAJK) released a statement calling for an expansion of the people's revolutionary war.  We publish some excerpts.

The statement said: "From the beginning until today, the patriarchal, statist system has maintained its existence through wars. The states acted according to the slogan: the more war, the more power accumulation. Everything was used in these wars. The dirtiest of these methods is special warfare - a form of war practiced in secret. Already at the end of the 19th century, the centers of power used the methods of special warfare in connection with the wars they waged to prolong their existence.

These methods have continued to become more differentiated and intensified to this day. Especially after the Second World War, the centers of power fought all left-wing and socialist movements with special warfare in the name of the fight against communism."

The statement added: "The hegemonic powers organized under the leadership of NATO created various institutions of special warfare and with Gladio a secret force was created that was specifically tailored to each country. However, the war continued to be waged from a single center.

Various instruments, weapons and methods are used in this dirty and secret war waged against the entire society. The aim is to take away the will of the entire society and thus ensure its submission to the centers of power. Today the Third World War is being waged. In the modern world, wars are mainly fought using special warfare methods and concepts of destruction based on them are developed. The war is essentially transmitted to the entire society. People should internalize the belief in the indestructibility of the state's understanding of power."

The statement continued: "From the beginning, the main targets of special warfare were revolutionary organizations and guerrilla movements. Although the country, identity and the movements targeted changed, the methods of special warfare are implemented according to a specific script because they are organized from a single center. The aim of all these initiatives is to either destroy the movements completely or to integrate them into the system through disintegration. Attempts have been made to dry up the organizational foundations of these movements, to liquidate their leaders and thus dissolve their structures. An attempt was made to create a wave of fear and chaos through murders and disappearances. [...] In addition, a policy of corruption and subjugation should be developed against the leading cadres of the movements and measures should be taken to confuse the population and cadres who believe in the movement by attempting to dismantle the organizational system from within. In other words, an irregular war was waged using irregular methods. These methods are the cornerstones of special warfare."

The statement insisted: "The fascist Turkish regime organized itself as a special war regime. It has been one of the main executive forces of this policy since its inception. The method of special warfare was used against all kinds of resistant popular movements. They wanted to maintain their power by committing physical genocide against the Armenians, Assyrians, Kurds and Alevis living in the country. A very special method was used here for the Kurdish people. Not only physical genocide, but also cultural genocide with the aim of achieving abandonment was used. All the measures taken to carry out cultural genocide were part of special warfare. [...] Until the beginning of the rule of the AKP-MHP regime, this special war was carried out through the NATO-Gladio complex with the help of groups involved in the special war within the Turkish state. However, with the AKP-MHP regime coming to power, the Turkish state has completely organized itself as a special war regime. In other words: With the AKP's special war government, the war against our freedom movement has taken on a completely different dimension."

The statement underlined that "in the 2014 conversation notes, Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] describes these phases of the Turkish state as follows: 'The Office of Special Warfare (Özel Harp Dairesi), established from the 1950s, is the cause of many massacres in this country. [...] The 1977 Taksim murders, the murder of seven TIP students, were all the work of JITEM. On September 12 (1980) this organization was nationalized. I don't mean to say that JITEM was from now on completely outside of US control, but the organization was taken out of direct US control and nationalized. From the 90s, with Çiller and Güreş, JITEM was even privatized. It was JITEM who was responsible for the killing of Turgut Özal and Bitlis Pasha. JITEM made the Sivas and Başbağlar massacres possible. The Başbağlar massacre was carried out by JITEM members who had infiltrated our movement at the time. The [Gülen] sect is also part of the Office of Special Warfare, which works with the police and the judiciary. [...]'"

Resistance to Imrali system

The statement also addressed the issue of the Imrali system saying: "The main focus of the special war regime practiced by the ruling powers is Rêber Apo. With the Imrali system, which was organized under the instructions of NATO, the special warfare practices against Rêber Apo were systematically and deliberately implemented. This wave of attacks has increased exponentially in all phases, from physical attacks of all kinds to psychological attacks. In the most recent phase, attempts are being made to pursue this process with a more in-depth isolation policy. Various tactics are repeatedly used and attempts are made to create false perceptions. The AKP special warfare regime has always tried to exploit Rêber Apo, but he has thwarted all these attempts through his enormous resistance."


The statement ended with the following remarks: "We are in a process where the enemy is carrying out serious operations in all areas. But in recent operations the emphasis is on special warfare. The war is fought primarily through technology, intelligence and diplomacy. If we do not forget the reality of the murderous, colonialist enemy and take precautions in all areas, we can thwart all his aspirations. As long as the fascist enemy uses all kinds of methods to destroy our movement and our people, the most important perspective for us is total resistance. It is essential that we go into war and practice with this awareness and attitude."