Panel on Rojava at the Vienna Schauspielhaus

The Council of the Kurdish Community in Austria (Feykom) organised a Rojava panel on Tuesday evening at Vienna's most famous theatre.


The large audience was also informed about the historical and ideological roots of grassroots democratic self-government and was able to obtain further information in the subsequent question and answer session.

On Tuesday evening, the Vienna-based Council of Kurdish Community in Austria (Feykom) organised a panel discussion on the situation in Rojava at the Schauspielhaus. The speakers were Jineoloji activists Najibe Qeredaxî and Sara Marcha, Ari Milan, Rojava foreign affairs representative in Vienna, and Redar Han, Feykom spokesperson.

Ari Milan summarised the history of Kurdish self-government and addressed the war against ISIS, as well as the current problems with former fighters and their families living in the camps.

Najibe Qeredaxî described the Rojava revolution as a "revolution of mentality", emphasising the central role of the Kurdish women's movement in the struggle against patriarchy, capitalism and the state's homogenising oppression. Najibe Qeredaxî stated that the main ideological elements of the revolution were taught to the local population through training courses.

Sara Marcha from the Brussels Institute of Jineoloji focused on the field of Jineoloji (Women’s Science). Marcha emphasised the importance of developing alternative approaches to social and political issues and stated that the idea of a rapid uprising is unsustainable. She said that the revolution must adapt to new conditions without being bound by dogmas.

The crowded audience was informed about the historical and ideological roots of democratic self-government. After the event, the audience discussed the topic in depth with conversations that lasted until late hours.

The Vienna Festival Weeks also started with the Rojava agenda. On 23 May, a seminar on "The Social Contract of Self-Government in North and East Syria" will be held. The guest of honour will be Remziye Mihemed. The seminar will discuss the newly developed methods of self-government based on the social contract and the successes and challenges of revolutionary construction.

On 26 May 2024, a workshop titled "Women's Revolution in Rojava - Confederal Women's System in North and East Syria" will be held. In the workshop, which will be attended by the guest of honor, Rehan Tema, confederal women's structures and achievements will be introduced and the role of Jineoloji will be emphasised. In addition, the importance of these experiences for international women's struggles and how these struggles can be connected will be discussed.