Parties in South Kurdistan react to US decision

The US administration put a bounty on three PKK executives.

The US administration on Wednesday said it will reward whoever gives information on KCK Executive Council Co-Chair Cemil Bayık and PKK Executive Committee members Duran Kalkan and Murat Karayilan.

Many Kurdish and party organisations reacted to this decision and demanded its withdrawal.

Kurdistan Communist Party

The Kurdistan Communist Party held an action in the Kelar district of Germiyan city to protest against the US decision.

Hundreds of people participated in the action held at Leyla Qasım Park. “We are protesting the decision of the US towards the founders of the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle”, said Ehmed Mecid, head of the Kurdistan Communist Party.

Qeys Enver, member of the Patriotic Youth Organization of Kurdistan, and Tevgera Azadi co-chair, Azadi Hawrê, condemned the decision of the United States in their speeches.


PUK Foreign Relations spokesperson, Şanaz Ibrahîm Ehmed, said in a statement about the US decision that the Kurds would not sell their revolutionary leaders.

Şanaz said: “We will prove that Kurds will not sell their revolutionaries. Together we will destroy the plans developed against our leaders”.

America's announcement, said Şanaz, “is a shameful decision to please Turkey”.

PUK former deputy

PUK former deputy Salar Mahmud said: “Instead of punishing the invaders of Kurdistan, they want to sacrifice those who struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people for their international political interests”.

Mehmud added: “Kurds must act together and stand up against the historical injustice committed by the world”.

TAJÊ, Free Yazidi Women’s Movement

The Free Yazidi Women's Movement (TAJÊ) reacted to the US decision with a written statement and said: “The PKK movement has become a source of freedom for the existence of all peoples”.

Tevgera Azadiya Civaka Kurdistanê

Tevgera Azadiya Civaka Kurdistanê (Free Society Movement of Kurdistan) said that the US decision was directed not only against the PKK and KCK executives but also against the Kurdish freedom revolution, and the legitimate rights and demands of Kurds.

Tevgera Azadi said: “We call upon all political parties, personalities and human rights organizations to react to this vicious decision. Let us turn this into an occasion for the establishment of national unity”.