Patients made to lay in corridors after operations in Van

Patients who can’t get beds after their operations are made to lay on chairs in the corridors in the Van Yuzuncu Yil University Dursun Odabasi Medical Center.

Health issues in Van remain without a solution. The current hospital in the city is in a pitiful state, as the AKP continues to make propaganda that they will open 3 more. There are no public hospitals at all in the Saray district, and the public hospital that should have opened in Erciş district 7 years ago is still not opened.


AKP’s health policies are also failing. The images coming in from Van show this the best. The Van YYU Training and Research Hospital Dursun Odabasi Medical Center, one of the two biggest hospitals in the city with 570 beds, has issues serving patients.

The hospital that claims to serve the whole region but lacks the medical staff capacity and hygiene to do so is at a pitiful state, and recent photographs show it.


Because there are not enough beds in the hospital, patients coming out of operations are made to lay in the corridors in halls. A photograph from the optometry service shows patients coming out of an operation laying in the corridor.

The patients are virtually left for dead in the hospital where authorities reject the allegations and claim that certain people with bad intentions have deliberately served the photographs to the press.