People of Shengal pay tribute to Martyrs Berçem Turcel and Kînda Zîn

Berçem Turcel and Kînda Zîn, who fell as martyrs in the Medya Defense Areas in the past months, were commemorated with an event held in Shengal.

The people of Shengal came together to commemorate Berçem Turcel and Kînda Zîn, who fell as martyrs on different dates last year.

Speaking on behalf of the Martyr Families Committee at the commemoration, Pakize Celal said that Martyrs Kînda and Berçem were two commanders who came to help the people of Shengal during the ISIS genocide. “The personalities of both martyrs left a deep impression on Shengal women. Thanks to these friends, we learned to defend ourselves and our history. Martyrs Kînda and Berçem have given a lot to us."

YJŞ Commander Hêza Şengal underlined that Martyrs Kînda and Berçem prompted the awareness of self-defense among Shengal women, while TAJÊ spokesperson Riham Hico said that the gains achieved with the blood of martyrs should be defended, and added that on this basis, they will build a democratic and autonomous Shengal.

Shengal Autonomous Administration Executive Council co-chair Azad Hüseyin commemorated the martyrs and stated that the Yazidis have paid a great price in their freedom struggle.