People of Shengal protest US decision

Institutions, assemblies and organizations in Shengal protested the US decision against three leading PKK cadres, and said the PKK has given dozens of martyrs for the lands of Êzidxan.

People of Shengal are protesting the US decision against 3 leading PKK cadres. Institutions from Shengal issued a joint statement and condemned the decision.

The statement included the following:

“We as the people and institutions of Shengal strongly condemn the decision the US has made on the 3 Kurdish men of the struggle.

As the Yazidi people, we saw what the US’ approach was in 2014, during the times of the massacre and the war with ISIS. Now we see the US take a stand against 3 Kurdish men of the struggle.

The US hasn’t taken any kind of a stand against the attacks against our people to date. But the struggle of the 3 Kurdish PKK and KCK administrators has allowed the Kurdish people to put up an unprecedented fight. They have had hundreds of martyrs for our women and our mothers.

The US could have pointed out the liberation of thousands of Yazidis fleeing the Yazidi massacre in 2014 instead of issuing such a laughable decision.

We as the people of Shengal would like to state once again that this verdict serves the enemies of the Kurdish people and the Yazidi people in particular.

Remembering the dark days, we will stand with free thought and our fighting leaders with all we have. This decision will not weaken our struggle, on the contrary, it will give us more strength.”