People of southern Kurdistan march to Qandil againt invasion

The people and the youth of Bashure (southern) Kurdistan have started marching towards Qandil against the invasion.

The people of Bashure (southern) Kurdistan has set out for Qandil from various cities in Bashure Kurdistan under the lead of the Kurdistan Patriotic Youth Movement and the Fighting Young Women’s Organization. The people left Suleymaniye’s Duqan district today at 11.00 in a mass march accompanied with slogans of “Bijî Berxwedana Îmralî”, “Bijî Rêber Apo”, “Bijî Berxwedana Qendîlê” and “Bimre xiyanet”.

Young people joined the convoy towards Qandil from Germiyan, Sharezur and Duqan.


The youth held a press statement during the march in Duqan and stressed that they won’t allow the Turkish state invasion. The statement was read by Dersim Germiyani and said, “The Turkish state should know that we young people won’t accept this invasion. Kurdistan will be a grave for the invaders.”

Germiyani called on all the people of Bashure Kurdistan to take action against invasion and to participate in demonstrations against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks.

The youth took off towards Ranya after the march and press statement. The convoy will meet with activists from other provinces and set off towards Qandil.


The youth movement held a press statement in the Nali Park in Sulaymaniyah during morning hours and some of the activists announced that they will be setting up tents in Qandil and act as human shields against the invasion.

The people and the youth are expected to hold a mass press statement against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Bashure Kurdistan, after they arrive in Qandil.