PKK message on the 40th anniversary: We will definitely win

On its 40th anniversary, the PKK calls for "strengthening the struggle for freedom against the murderous fascist regime in every area and for creating conditions in which Chairman Öcalan can live and work freely."

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has issued a statement on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the PKK.

"We are completing the 40th year of the foundation of our party PKK and entering the 41st year of freedom struggle”, said the PKK statement.

The PKK congratulated the 40th year for all party members, patriotic people, guerrilla forces, youth and women’s movement, revolutionary-democratic circles, saluted the actions and celebrations for the anniversary, remembered the martyrs of the struggle and wish success to those who fight freedom and democracy.

The statement recalled that PKK emerged with the goal of confronting the genocide imposed on Kurdistan and creating Kurdish existence and freedom as the genocidal regime on Kurdistan built a global capitalist modernity system.

The PKK pointed to the ongoing resistance in all four parts of Kurdistan basing on the mentality, theoretical, philosophical and political course that Leader Abdullah Öcalan defined as the ‘Democratic Modernity Theory’ in his defences during his resistance in İmralı. PKK said this course is spreading to the entire Middle East and the world today, becoming the liberation weapon of all those oppressed.

The statement continued:

"The Leadership of New Freedom that originated in Kurdistan 40 years ago has been carried into the region and out into the world and today has become a universal Leadership. 40 years ago, the sun of freedom shone in Kurdistan and today gives its light to the whole world.”

“A hope for liberation”

PKK underlined that: "The developments of the past 45 years are based on the reality of Chairman Apo and the PKK. While the primitive and reformist Kurdish nationalism was defeated and the real socialism entered the phase of dissolution, the reality of chairman Apo and the PKK arose as a new hope for freedom and liberation. It is this reality that all the developments that have taken place in the name of existence and freedom in Kurdistan in the past 40 years are based on.”

“PKK made the Middle East a freer place"

The statement remarked that;Through its courageous struggle in recent years against al-Qaeda, ISIS, the AKP and the MHP fascism, the PKK has made the Middle East and the world a freer place.

The Kurds under the Leadership of the PKK have become the decisive freedom force protecting the peoples of the Middle East and the humanity with the courageous resistance it has developed against reactionary-fascist states and governments that use Islam.

This reality has been proven by the historic resistance mounted by the brave guerrilla forces and our people against fascism, occupation and genocide in all four parts of Kurdistan, from Deir ez-Zor to Dersim, from Afrin to Serhat and from Amanos to Bradost.

“Break the isolation, tear down fascism”

"On this basis, we are entering this 41st year of our party and struggle history. The Central Committee of our party and the leadership of the KCK and HPG have held their regular annual meetings, critically and self-critically assessing the 40th year of struggle, basing on the Leader and martyrs and drawing rich lessons from it.

As a people and as a party, we enter the 41st year in an even more resolute, planned, prepared and challenging manner.

We call the 41st year of our party’s struggle the year in which the isolation will be broken, fascism will be torn down and Kurdistan will be liberated. On this basis, our people and all our friends are called upon to strengthen the struggle for freedom in all areas and to fight for the conditions in which the President Öcalan can live and work freely. Indeed, actions in the four parts of Kurdistan and abroad are being enhanced. On the one hand, while celebrating the 40th anniversary of our party, on the other hand, actions are spreading everywhere under the motto 'Break the isolation, tear down fascism'.”

“US decision brings the conspiracy back to the agenda”

The US, which already planned and executed the plots of October 9 and February 15, has put a bounty on three leaders of our party and issued arrest warrants to counter the described revolutionary developments. It is crystal clear that this decision brings the international conspiracy that began 20 years ago back to the agenda. At the same time, it is an admission that the twenty-year conspiracy has failed. The decision also shows that the struggle of the Kurdish people under the leadership of the PKK has frustrated all possible forms of fascism. It thus becomes clear who the real force behind fascism, from al-Qaeda to the AKP-MHP, is. The decision also proved that the PKK will be the winner in its 41st year.

Even though we, as a movement and as a people, are in a much stronger position in all respects compared to the situation of 20 years ago, it is important to regard the said US decision as important as a new conspirator attack and to develop a corresponding attitude and struggle.

We are in a situation in which everyone, all of us, the revolutionary-patriotic cadres, parties and administrative structures in Kurdistan must be vigilant, and undertake an active stand and struggle against this conspirator aggression that aims to accomplish the genocide of the Kurds. Against the fascist-genocidal attacks, we must further develop the Kurdish democratic unity and enhance the struggle for liberation to respond to this conspiracy.

“We will definitely win”

It is obvious that, in the 41st year, the PKK, as in previous years, will lead a comprehensive liberation struggle against the fascist-genocidal attacks. It has become clear that the fascist forces are in a weak and divided position against such a struggle. The fascism of ISIS and Al-Qaeda has been defeated. The fascism of the AKP-MHP is in rapid decline and is about to collapse. Comparing the situation with that of twenty years ago, the attacks through which fascist politics and mentality are trying to stay on their feet are much more scattered and weaker. In contrast, we are much better prepared as a movement and have many more allies. It is possible to make the new attacks fail and to smash the system manifesting in the form of the fascist AKP-MHP dictatorship. In the 41st year, as a movement and as a people, we will use all our strength to break down the fascism of AKP-MHP and to carry out a comprehensive resistance based on the revolutionary people's war. We will definitely win.

First and foremost, we congratulate Chairman Apo and all comrades, our people and our friends on the day of our Party, and call upon all to better understand the reality of the Leader and the PKK, to be even more alert and organized to the attacks of the fascist regime to increase resistance in all areas and to create the conditions under which Chairman Apo can live and work freely!”